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Busters story, did i do the right thing was there anything i could have done

September 16th, 2006, 10:59 AM
buster my beloved dog was, is my best friend iv never been popular or had many mates, but when i was 6years old i found him, i found my best friend he was a 7week old Springer spaniel puppy, he was the only brown and white pup from a litter where all the rest where black and white, i loved him from the beginning.

iv spent everyday with him since, when i was a kid i played with him for hours building huts, throwing balls, wrestling over a stick, and when i was a little older i took him for massive walks up countryside and mountains, through rivers and forests. every where i went he went with me and every where i wanted to be he was there. I loved him so much and he never showed me nothing but affection

when i was older still and went to secondary school i stopped playing with him as much i still walked him everyday without exception but usually i didn’t spend more than 20mins a day playing with him, the massive cross country walks stopped all together. but recently in the last few years iv learned who my true mates are and I realised that i was ignoring one of my best. so i started to play with him again he was just as lively as he had been as a pup,

when my auntie died my mum took in her dog he is a lovely white bichon fries a real charmer who can win over anyone’s heart, and he sure did everyone started to pay attention to the new dog because he was a loveable house pet who could stay with you all day and night if ya wanted, not like buster who stayed outside and smelled terrible whether he was wet or not,

so it went back to being me and buster against the world once again, and I loved it the long walks started up again the last was only a few weeks ago when we had some good weather, he was getting a little older and we had to take things at a slightly slower pace. Everything was great up until 5 days ago when he went off his food at first I wasn’t worried he usually did this now and then but would always eat the next day, so when he didn’t I got a little worried I started to feed him my dinner, chicken ,beacon ,ham, all the things dogs love but he would only pick at them or eat just a little

I noticed a few days ago that he was walking slower and closer to me than normal, I honestly just thought it was a bug that would pass and hed get better. Yesterday he could barely walk at all I was moving at a snails pace and he was struggling to keep up, I had to stop the cars long enough for him to cross the road. At home he found it difficult to even stand I knew something was seriously wrong then, I stayed with him and petted him in his bed as I had done the night before and begged him to get better. I even prayed something I never do, I went into the house and cried slowly pleading for god to make him better.

I couldn’t sleep that night so went back outside to him lying in bed struggling to turn over I knew he hadn’t eaten in days so I got the only thing in the fridge that was a tin of tuna and put it into a dish for him I sat it in his bed and tried to hand feed him but he wouldn’t take it I left the dish and went to bed. The next day early in the morning my ma woke me up saying buster cant get up I went outside to find him lying beside his water dish on the wet ground his paws and tummy soaked , I checked his bed and saw that he had tried to eat the tuna but dropped most of it , I lifted him up and brought him to the front garden where it was sunny and warmer. My dad came up and we drove to the vets I held him in my arms the entire time asking him begging him to feel better . we told his story and they said they wanted to do tests, he needed to be held for a few hours observation I left him not knowing if hed make it or not I was devastated. We got the call back saying it wasn’t good news and drove back to see him

i was forced to put my 12year old Springer spaniel down a few hours ago everyone including the vet said it was unlikely he would recover from renal disease (kidney failure), too far gone. but he only got ill a few days ago and he has always been lively and fit. just 4 days ago he was perfect, . I was the only one who didn’t want to give up, i need to know if anything could have been done. here is his blood works
ALB 38 .....25-44
ALP 40 .....20-150
ALT 65 .....10-118
AMY 1576* ....200-1200
TBIL 5 ....2-10
BUN >64* ....2-9
CA++ 2.54 ....2.15-2.95
PHOS 6.45 ....0.93-2.13
CRE 893* ....27-124
GLU 9.7* ....3.3-6.1
NA+ 140 ....138-160
K+ 4.1 ....3.7-5.8
TP 80 ....54-82
GLOB 42 ....23-52

PLEASE DONT SPARE MY FEELINGS be completely honest and if it possible could you describe what these readings mean, i really need to know if anything could have been done now or earlier when he first went off his food i thought i was doing the right thing at the time because he seemed to be suffering but now all i can think about is that i should have fought, i should have made him fight.

i was with him at the end when the vet put him down. im a typical 19 year old guy who would rather take a punch than cry in public. My brother took of his collar and my mum and dad petted him but as he lay there looking at me trying to get up when i petted him, i broke down i fell to the floor beside him just so i could hold him, comfort him and tell him im sorry ,so sorry. i asked everyone to leave us just so i could cuddle him in the last few moments as i held him and cried he passed away never taking his eyes off me. I begged for more time but was escorted out of the vets by my parents and started to drive away but before we left the car park I jumped out and ran back aging, he was still lying there on the floor I cried more than I have ever before in my life and told him, told everyone, that he couldn’t leave me he just couldn’t

I came home to do research on kidney problems and found this website like I said im a typical guy who wont cry in front of people so when I was comforted by my family I just blocked all my emotions and refused to speak a few minuets ago my mum went outside and lifted his dog dish and closed his door that’s when I knew I needed to let it out I need to tell my story I needed to know if there was anything I could have done I needed to make sure that I would never forget my best friend

thank you so much

September 16th, 2006, 11:34 AM
I'm sure everyone who reads your post will want to reach out and give you a big hug. Mourning our friends is normal, even if it is in private, you must let yourself cry. Soon you will remember the good times and how much pleasure you both took in your rambles and the way his coat smelled when it was wet and his absolute fidelity.

It is never a good sign when a dog stops eating and perhaps (BIG perhaps) you might have been able to help him if the vet had seen him earlier. But it is more than likely that by the time he stopped eating he was in the final stages of his disease and beyond repair. Letting him go was the kindest thing you could have done.

If you came here for a good beating, you won't get it. We have all been through this experience and wondered if we did enough (or sometimes too much, not wanting to let them go). So hang in there, it may not seem like it now, but the happier memories will come.

September 16th, 2006, 02:02 PM
Stevie,go ahead and cry,you have me in tears,just from reading yours and Busters story:sad:
You've lost a friend whom you loved and yes,most of us here have been through it,me several times..
There are always doubts and regrets,but as far as Buster,he is now without pain and at peace,please remember that and allow yourself to grieve,crying for the loss of someone you love,makes you so much more of a man:love:
:rip: Buster

September 16th, 2006, 02:46 PM
Please believe me when I tell you that everyone who has to put their dog to sleep in the end questions whether they did the right thing or not. Please let these feelings of guilt go and mourn your friend safe in the knowlege you did what only a really strong friend could. Give him a new life free of pain and full of happiness. In the end my dog was in a coma from which he wasn't coming back and even I questioned if I did the right thing. I know it feels so very wrong, but I'm telling you it was the only thing you could do.:grouphug:

September 16th, 2006, 03:54 PM
You did the right thing, if you're looking for someone who'll beat you up, I agree with Badger, you won't find it here.

It's hard having your pet put down. you always have doubts as to what more you could have done. You were with him until the end, and i'm sure that meant more to him than anything in this world. He wouldn't want you beating yourself up.

Our pets look to us to release them from their pain. If the vet said nothing more could be done and your dog was in pain, then it would have been selfish to keep him alive.

Take the time to mourn. Losing a beloved pet is very hard. If everyone cared about their animals like you cared, the shelters wouldn't be full of abandoned pets. Buster was very lucky to have such a caring owner.

September 16th, 2006, 07:18 PM
iv spent the entire day remembering and grieving buster, i have hundreds of photos but i lost it when i saw these, its only been 12 hours and i miss him so much already ( ( (

September 16th, 2006, 08:23 PM
My heart goes out to you ! I felt exactly the same way last November when we had to have our little Joey put to sleep. I cried and cried and didn't care who heard me or what anyone thought. And I'll never stop questioning if I could have done more, or if I should have made the decision to let go sooner than I did to spare him those last days of suffering.

Please give yourself a break. You loved your dog, you're not responsible for his death.

He was a beautiful guy. Thank you for sharing the pictures, and be happpy knowing that you loved him while there are many dogs who will live their whole lives never knowig what it's like to feel loved.

I'm so sorry for your loss.:sorry:

September 17th, 2006, 07:48 AM
Steve,think of Buster happy,running in the green grass at the Rainbow Bridge,just like he does in the picture:dog:
The emptyness and sadness you feel right now,will one day be filled with happy memories of sweet Buster.
We all wish the animals we love soo much,could stay with us forever,but they don't and we all have to make that final heartbreaking desicion,never without doubt or guilt,it will take time but soon you'll look at Busters picture and smile for the wonderful dog he was.:pawprint:

September 17th, 2006, 03:13 PM
:sorry: Steve sorry about Buster - and you did the right thing - Buster is running free at Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you for sharing the photos I can tell he is very special.

September 18th, 2006, 05:34 AM
thank you all for the support it has ment alot to me. they are going to cremate his body tomorrow and ill be spreading his ashes on one of his favourite mountain walks.

i walked back to the vets yeaterday i wanted to tell him to never leave me and that ill see him agin but the vet said it would be better to just remember him the way he was as he would be in cold storage.

i know its stupid but i was also worried that i left his spirit there 20 miles from where we live i was Terrified he wouldnt be able find his way home again. so i stood outside shouting his name just so he could walk home with me one last time, i looked like a right idiot but i didnt care it was important to me to help him and i only hope i did.

September 18th, 2006, 06:13 AM
Stevie......I read your story about Buster and have to say it brought a flood of memories back for me. Some people may not understand the hurt and loss you feel but there are many of us who do.
I lost my best friend at Easter this year and like you I did some crying and praying...asking God to give me more time with "Justice". If that wasn't enought I even offered to trade God for things just if he'd let Justice get better. I was devastated by his death.
It hurts so bad you don't think you can ever feel happy again. But eventually you do feel better. Time does help with the pain, I am sure of that. I still cry when I talk about Justice, I miss him, he was an important part of my life. But the hurt has lessened over the past 6 months.
Although at this moment you feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest, and just the thought of breathing is a chore.....know that others have felt exactly as you do now, know that we understand how you feel and how much it hurts and know that we all must make difficult choices throughout our lives, many of which we second guess.
Losing a loved one thoughts are with you....Vel

September 19th, 2006, 09:14 AM
thank you again for the support, it has been a real comfort that people know how i am feeling and can understand the hurt. from days of crying ,hours of research and forever remembering. i know now that there was nothing else i could have done except maybe act a little sooner but i didnt know that then. so for whats its worth anyone reading this, please if your concerned about you beloved pets health please dont hesitate to take action.

September 19th, 2006, 02:06 PM
Cry as long and as hard and as loud as you want to, goodness knows I'm sobbing at work right now reading this. I lost my English Springer Spaniel 7 years ago to a ruptured splenic tumour, she was fine one minute and the next gone, so I know how impossible it is to not see those chocolate brown ears perk up or that little nub of a tail wagging faster than a hummingbird's wings. You loved Buster with everything you had, and he gave you that in turn - it's the greatest act any 2 creatures can do for one another. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

October 29th, 2006, 05:30 AM
its been 6 weeks since buster died and i still miss him so much, last night when the fireworks where going off i cried becuse because this time every year i would sit with him in the garden for hours comforting him reassuring him the fireworks and bangers wernt going to hurt him, he was terrorfied of them and used to cowar behind me to hide he really was like a big baby, and i loved him for it.

last night my other dog (the little white one) ran away. one of the kids must have opened the gate i search for hours untill 5am and my legs where num before coming back without him, my dad came up early this morning and we drove everywhere looking him, but didnt find him i came back to print off some missing fliers and thought might be worth a shot to mention it here. so if anyone finds a little white dog that looks like a poodle anywhere in belfast please get in contact

i lost one dog i cant loose another

October 29th, 2006, 10:03 AM
I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your poor puppy. I'm no where in your area, but I am sending you all the luck:fingerscr :pray: so that he comes home.:pray:

October 29th, 2006, 10:37 AM
:fingerscr :fingerscr Hope you find your dog :fingerscr :fingerscr

October 29th, 2006, 11:27 AM
its been 6 weeks since buster died and i still miss him so much, last night when the fireworks where going off i cried becuse because this time every year i would sit with him in the garden for hours comforting him reassuring him the fireworks and bangers wernt going to hurt him, he was terrorfied of them and used to cowar behind me to hide he really was like a big baby, and i loved him for it.

last night my other dog (the little white one) ran away. one of the kids must have opened the gate i search for hours untill 5am and my legs where num before coming back without him, my dad came up early this morning and we drove everywhere looking him, but didnt find him i came back to print off some missing fliers and thought might be worth a shot to mention it here. so if anyone finds a little white dog that looks like a poodle anywhere in belfast please get in contact

i lost one dog i cant loose another

Oh that's all so sad, I hope you find your dog, and I'm sorry for your loss, I don't open these threads usually, too sad for me, "Ms. Waterworks".

call all the vets in the area, put up posters, if there are any shelters, make sure you leave a description.

I really hope you find your dog.:fingerscr

:candle: :rip: Buster. My first dog was a springer too, so I know exactly how wonderful and easy to miss they are.

November 4th, 2006, 05:19 PM
:sorry: Busters story brought tears to my eyes. I lost my cat Murphy last January with somewhat similar disease. The vet told me if Murphy was a human he would be getting diallis treatments (probably spelled wrong) but my Murphy went blind first. He was 17 years old. He was sleeping alot but he was eating and still using litter box. I didn/t notice his blindness until he actully looked at me straight. because he was still getting around guite good. he was a good cat. the vet took urine tests and found blood in it and thats when I found out he had a kidney disease. You did the right thing and I believe I did too by having him put down. It would have only got worse and I felt so bad because of his blindness. If you knew him you would know why. He was so active and bubbling and he was the coolest cat I ever had. Would never complain or ask for food but he loved his water, which is another sign of kidney desease. I miss Murphy and when the vet put him down. I wanted to bury him in my back yard (which is taboo here in the city) so I had to keep him on ice until I could bury him near his Mother Molly, I was so worried of a animal getting him I put him in a wooden box outside and made sure he was safe from other preaators I finally got to bury him when the ground was soft enough to dig which was in March. One good thing about Canadian winters here. because Murphy and his Mother Molly who passed on four months earlier loved this house and the field, and woods near it. I still cry over Both of them. Time will heal you but you see I had six of them and still have four left. I was asking myself the same questions did I do the right thing and I think I did. Have two little graves out back where I can put flowers etc. on.:cat:

November 4th, 2006, 08:27 PM
As I was reading your story and the story of Murphy after that, I could feel the depths of your sorrow and how empty you must of felt. There are just not enough words to express your losses. I came to this forum last night unable to sleep all night trying to find some comfort from people who are understanding-I posted a little bit about what happened under the Rainbow Bridge thread. I buried my T.C. this morning and I am reeling over the realization that I'll never see him again. With the help of my sister we buried him in a nice spot where he'll have trees and sunflowers around him and in the spring I am going to plant a rose bush by him in his memory. Even if no one reads this I want to thank you and so many others for sharing your stories. You will never know how much you helped me get through last night. Even though I feel so lost I don't feel quite so alone.

November 7th, 2006, 09:20 PM
Losing a pet is never easy--I'm 21 and I've lost a few beloved kitties. And trust me, crying helps--if you hold it in it just makes it hurt more. However, seeing as how your dog was 12, he was getting older, and kidney failure is a fairly common thing in many older dogs and cats. Seeing the condition he was in, and the test results, you did the only thing you could by putting him down. The disease was too far advanced for dialysis or meds to have helped. The only thing I can give as advice is this: whenever you have a pet, especially one that is getting older, make sure you take them to the vet yearly for a check-up and regular blood tests. I can't promise that they would have detected his kidney disease earlier, but it is not something that usually comes on suddenly--it takes a little while for it to progress to the stage that your dog was in. Had he had a blood test earlier that year, or maybe even 2 years prior, your vet more than likely would have detected raised levels in his blood indicating kidney disease. At that point there are medicines and therapies that can help keep your pet comfortable and give them a longer, pain-free life. I know this doesn't help for your current situation, but at least now if you decide to get another pet, you will be aware of the disease and how it can be prevented.

My prayers are with you in your time of grief...:pray:

Rob n Cody
November 16th, 2006, 03:17 PM
I hope you've found some solice here, and as for feeling like you had left his spirit far away from you, you haven't left it is with you every day, and you've shared a little of it with all of us here. Thank you for the honour of letting us be part of your grief, and of your life with your best friend.

November 16th, 2006, 10:35 PM
Stevie, your story sounds alot like my sister's dog Angie, a 12 year old, very energetic mix boxer/dalmation - never sick a day in her life. She started feeling sick on Monday, by Wednesday she was dead. The vet convinced us there would be no hope unless we could get a kidney transplant - and she had to put her down. On the Sunday before it all started, she was running through the woods like a fox, not a care in the world, then on Monday her whole world (and my sisters!) came to a halt.............kidney failure in dogs, once it has began, is quick and unless we are willing to put them through dialysis until a donor is found, there is no other solution.

You musn't feel guilty over the loss of your beautiful dog. Instead, you have to look at the wonderful life you gave him and how lucky he was to have many never get that chance.....

Mocha's mum
November 18th, 2006, 03:40 PM
I just read your story, and cryed my eyes out. I'm not the "crying type" as my friends say, but when it comes to animals, I have an unusual soft spot. I've lost a few pets in my mere 27 years on this earth, and it never gets easier.

I know that in the next few years, I'm going to have to make a decision like yours. My little Mocha has Intervertebral Disc Disease, which means that one day, his affected discs will protrude enough to permanently paralyze him. I am terrified every time I come home from work that I will find him lying on the floor, unable to move.

Deciding to let your pet go is excruciating. But, if it's any consolation, his suffering has ended, and you have many years of precious memories. The pain will ease over time (hard to believe), but there will always be an empty spot in your life. You should take solice in the fact that you gave this little dog an amazing life, which several have never, or will never have. I'm sure if Buster could have spoke to you, he wouldn't want to carry on like he was during the last couple days of his life.

Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed about being upset. Dogs are wonderful animals who love you for who you are, and love you unconditionally. I definately think you did the right thing. :grouphug:

November 23rd, 2006, 04:26 AM
check out for sample of normal - severe blood panels. I am awaiting copy of my pet's panel. He has undergone euresis past 3 days.
Hard to say if 4 days sick or just noticed for 4 days, often symptoms dont show until later. Why were you forced? just curious cuz i am in similar predicament, well, not being forced or suggested to put down pet as relatively painless end in itself although some of the attending complications if existing - though our case insofar absent, can be painful. But moreso similar in that I am told my pet has renal failure. I have also heard CRF is often misdiagnosed as babegiosis tick disease so i am currently exploring that as well.

December 1st, 2006, 08:59 AM
I read your posts and it broke my heart, as I have called out for my pets that died. I am a woman, but I too try to hide my sometimes overwhelming emotions for them. They are our family and mostly the best part of family, yet I feel people will say what's wrong with you get over it, so I too grieve in private. I looked at Buster's labs. I'm a R.N. , so bear in mind I'm comparing it to human values, but a lot of it is similar. Not only was Buster in kidney failure, but his liver enzymes were mostly extremely elevated and his blood sugar was up. Some of it surely had to do with not eating, however they were quite high. This could suggest many things, but cancer rates pretty high on the list. I too lost my beloved cat to liver cancer. I too felt alot of guilt because I didn't give him as much attention after my babies came. I really think you did all you could for your Beautiful Buster and he knew you loved him. As for your missing Bishon, how about putting flyers out to your local groomers. If someone found him and goes to get him groomed, they may recognize him. All the best from:ca: :love:

January 1st, 2007, 04:32 PM
i just wanna say that you to all who have shown support to me it really has helped me talked through some of my grief of loosing buster 3 months ago. i still find myself sheding the odd tear every now and then in memory of him. but my pain has lessened with time.

thanks you for your comments on the blood results too i still often wonder if there was anything else i could have done. when i said i was forced to put buster down i meant i was the only one wanting to try other treatments the vet and my parents agreed however it was best to end his suffering.

christmas was difficult this year, as usual there was so much left over dinner and for the first time in nearly 13 years we didnt know what to do with it, as buster would quiet often volanteer to take care of the leftovers for us lol. its at stupid times like this i realise how much he became part of my life and i remember how much i still miss him.

im sorry for not updating on the loss of my other dog but on a happier note we did find him about 3 weeks later happy and well. somone must have taken him in for a few weeks before handing him over to the authorities. apart from being a little shaken and dirty he was in good health, he even managed to put on some waight the checky bugger lol

thanks for your support everyone and again sorry i havent been here in a while.

January 2nd, 2007, 08:31 AM
Stevie,thank's you for updating,I was concerned about your lost pup and am really glad you found him:thumbs up
We will always remember and grieve the loved pets we lose,but as time goes by,we don't think of their deaths,but of the antics,the many fun days we spent with them,the licks and cuddles and although we'll always miss them,we know they are at peace,maybe even watching over us:angel:

January 18th, 2007, 07:02 PM
I'm reading this post with tears running down my face. All goodness to you Stevie for taking a hard situation and doing what's best, even if it caused you great pain:angel:

I hope it's not inappropriate to respond to a post that's older but this thread sure hit a note with me. I'm just struggling with my Chloe, 13yr golden retriever, who's been in perfect health up until 10 days ago. Slowly she's been shying away from food and by today she won't touch a bite..... this morning as I was leaving for work she gave me a look that said "my time is coming". I sooooooo hope I misinterpreted her!!!!

Buster's dad - I cannot imagine how you endured.

Chloe's blood work (done on Monday) looked a lot like Busters did though urinalysis also indicated a "rip roaring" urinary infection - white cells and bacteria off the charts. I had so hoped that antibiotics would treat the infection and then we could look at the rest (probably liver problem, maybe cushings).

Antibiotics are not helping and she's just getting worse. Ol Chlo doesn't seem in pain but I watch her constantly to see that she's still breathing. I don't even know if this is the end but my heart is breaking... I'm so afraid we won't be able to figure out what is wrong and i'm going to have to make a decision based only on my gut feeling. Not eating and bad blood work do not seem like justifications to end a life so why is my gut telling me that I need to consider that possibility. Please, someone, tell me my gut feeling is wrong!:sad:

I really appreciate being able to post here, my typing and thoughts have a least stopped my tears for now. You are all wonderful for putting your hearts and minds out there to support others.:angel:

January 19th, 2007, 03:57 AM
Dear Stevie
I was really young when I got my 1st dog who also was a liver and white Eng. Springer Spaniel her name was Patchess. She was 11 when she had a tumor that ruptured on her spleen. I was devistated.
We didn't know until it was too late and had to have her euthanized.
What you are going through. All the doubt and sadness is normal. That was 15 yrs ago. I still miss her.
Reading your story brought all that back for me. I so understand what you are going through. I felt exactually like you do.
You made the right desicion. I know it is so hard. Time will heal you. Believe me it will. Although I still have times like now that I break down and can't seem to get it together, eventually you will remember the good times and it will make you smile. It only shows how much you loved Buster. The memories you created will bring you through the hurt. Buster knows how much love there was in your heart. Don't for one second doubt that. Loving him enough to let him go was the kindest most unselfish thing you could do. He was sick. I try to remind myself of that every time I feel that way.
I stayed up for days, was a zombie from no sleep after she was gone. One thing you can try (that helped me) was to put a photo album together of all her pics from puppy to the last pic I had of her. It made me cry my eyes out but I was able to get all that emotion out till I was drained.
It helped me with closure and whenever I feel sad about it I have something to remember her by. You'll need to do it in your own time.
Cherish those times and know that you gave him a life of love, and know that he loved you too.
You WILL heal, but just be gentle on yourself. Talk to your family about it. It's not wimpy for you to love.
Best Wishes :grouphug:

January 29th, 2007, 06:43 PM
dear otter im sorry to hear that ur dog is not well , trust me when i say that i know how worried you must be, not knowing if theres anything u can do or if perhaps you are doing too much.

the only advise i can offer is that, only you know what you want to do, you love ur dog as much as i loved mine and i can only advise that you do what you fell is right.

look for as much information possible that u can about ur dogs condition it will help u make the right choice and u need to know that somethings we can do, somethings we cant, you need to know what you can do and not blame yourself for the things you cant

all my best wishes are with you and sweet chloe

thanks agin for eveyones support coming here helps when im feeling low

September 16th, 2007, 12:49 PM
its was exactly 1 year ago today that my buster died. and iv missed him so much everyday since, I was surprised to see this thread was still here after all this time, and I wanted to say a sincere thank you to all those who showed support to me and a thanks the website itself it helped a lot in the first few months, When I wouldn’t turn to anybody else to grieve.

For everyone here who has lost a loved family member you have my sympathy’s, all I can say is that time really does help heal the pain u feel,

Although I still miss him I can now look back on my dog with the fond happy memories we shared, and not just the loss I felt when I said goodbye,

All my best wishes to everyone

September 16th, 2007, 03:46 PM
Stevie,thank you for posting again,I am glad you can now think of Buster with a smile on your face:dog:
I read your original post just to remind myself and I now have tears streaming down my face,your posts were so very heartfelt,full of emotions.
I am glad you are now ok,time does heal the pain,but the memories never go away.

September 16th, 2007, 04:34 PM
I think you did everything you could and you should try to recall al lthe wonderful times you shared with him over the years to sustain you at this terrible time. We all mourn our furry friends. They are family after all!

September 16th, 2007, 07:37 PM
Good to hear you are doing all right, stevie. It is so painful to loose your best friend. Judging by the blood panel there was nothing you could have done. I am glad to hear you can talk about him with a smile on your face now. Any plans to get a new best friend?