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a ? about dog signs ( long)

September 13th, 2006, 04:36 PM
im sorry but i need to rant about was one of the worst days of my life. i have lived in my "new" house for two years now and i have this neighbour who is really odd. you know the kind that sit and stare at what u are doing all day, always walking by the house trying to see what he can see........get my point??? My husband works out of town ( one of the many reasons i got a dog) so i am alone most of the time. since the day i got my dog she has never liked this fellow ( he is about 60 years old ). when we go on walks she minds her manners if we run into him........she sits by my leg or sniffs the ground...she has never been hostile to him ever. but she watches him!!!! now i believe in animals knowing more about certain indivduals than people so..........even my cats i have said can tell you who is okay and who to watch. well i found out today she was right. i was staining my garage today ( you cant see me from the road) and my "neighbour" decided to come waltzing into the yard with a flower for me:yuck: .this is the first time since ive lived here he had ever had the nerves to do this. i have a very large peice of property and he came almost half way back ( knowing i own a dog....duhhhhhhhhh). now she CHASED him out of the yard, there was no biting, no contact whatso ever, she looked like a cattle dog herding . mind you there was a lot of noise........BUT NO CONTACT. Now he was so scared he wet himself but that is just embarrasing. anyway he called the police. to make a long story kind of shorter.......the police said that i could not be charged seeing that he was trasspassing on private property and the dog was tied up in her own yard. she is also licensed and fully vaccinated but if i want to i may charge him. the officer told me i should have a sign up seeing that this happened, so here is the question........i dont want a beware of dog sign........i would be more likely to put a dog on premises sign ..........i dont want people to think i have a bad dog...........any suggestions.:confused: i really hope so.............need to try to make my day better.

Dog Dancer
September 13th, 2006, 05:50 PM
I know what you mean about dog and cat senses. I totally trust the judgement my two dogs have about people. My lab was growling very lowly at a guy one night when he came too close and he walked further away to cross past us and I could hear him saying f***ing dog, so I said (semi loudly) guess you were right girl. But yes they have good senses. I don't have the sign anymore, it's still on the fence at my townhouse where my son is, but I have to get one for where I am now - it said simply "Dog in Yard". Didn't say beware or anything. Just Dog in Yard - now you know - do what you think you can or should. I think it's very funny that he called the police and they told you to press charges. I guess he may take a long time to try that again - hope his pants dry:rolleyes:

September 13th, 2006, 06:32 PM
I had something similar happen a few years ago. My hubby also works out of town and I am here alone. I was mowing the lawn and some old guy came into our fenced yard looking for directions. Scared the ***** out of me because I didn't hear him with the lawnmower noise and all of a sudden he was right beside me. The dogs I had at the time didn't do anything but the next day I went into town and bought a piece of chain and a padlock for the gate.

September 13th, 2006, 07:03 PM
i am thinking he called the police to get the dog out of the yard so he could bother me when ever he wanted to.............he is nervous around animals but i think he thought he made a friend because when ever he "ran" into us walking she behaved. i dont think he really expected her to be a problem. i have talked to an officer since then and my neighbour has been told to keep to his side of the street and if i feel that he is being "nosey" i have the officers name and number to call...........he suggested that maybe with this fellows behavior that i get a restraining order on him....even the officer said he didnt seem right..........he told him that he (meaning my neighbour) though i would give him a kiss for the flower.:eek: spooky if you ask me.........and hubby is not going to be happy with this, we may have to move:yell:

September 13th, 2006, 07:26 PM
a kiss for the flower. yikes!! if he's older, it's possible he has dementia, which can lead to some pretty strange behaviours. the fact that he wet his pants is also indicative of his state of mind, almost childish. sad, really. What he really needs is to be medically evaluated; maybe the policeman could speak to his family, if he has one.
but do be careful. he needs to know that he is not welcome. I think a restraining order is a bit over-the-top for now, but it's good to have as an option if he persists.
Good doggy!

September 13th, 2006, 10:07 PM
If I were you I would padlock the gate(s) and put deadbolts on your doors. But, I also agree the guy needs to be evaluated.

September 13th, 2006, 10:23 PM
Dog signs are good for a reason. It is there to 'tell' someone-"Hey I have a dog. It *may* bite, you've been warned!" Even if you have a 'good dog' it is still good to post, just in case. That way if the dog does get wary and bite *god forbid!* you have back up. They can't press charges if you are posted. Some people think it 'looks bad' but they protect you and possible trespassers.

September 13th, 2006, 10:58 PM
Oh, dogcatharmony, I am so sorry to hear about your awful day! I've never had an experience like that before, but I can only imagine how shook up I would feel afterwards! I am so glad you have your dog for those times you're home alone! That is just freaky. :eek: Go doggie! :) (I'm sorry, I can't remember your dog's name at the moment!)

As for signs, there are a lot of options other than Beware of Dog. I searched for a sign for my fence last year and I didn't want the Beware sign either, even though my Dad was really pushing for me to get one just because he thought it would be better protection. :) But I didn't want the neighbors to be afraid of Petey, so I opted to have one made by a pet sign company I found online. I got one that says Dog at Play with a picture of a pointer on it. But I've seen simple signs like "Dog in Yard" or "Dog at Play" or "Caution--Dog", that sort of thing as well. Petsmart had a pretty nice selection if you don't want to go the custom route. I then had an alarm system installed for my own peace of mind as well, since I live alone. :) Petey doesn't even bark when strangers walk into the house or into the yard. He just wags his tail. :rolleyes: Not much of a guard dog. But it sounds like your doggie knew exactly what to do to protect you! Don't you just love how dog's can sense those things?
But wow, I am so sorry you had to deal with all that today! And I'm very glad the officer was actually so protective of you! That is good to hear!


September 14th, 2006, 07:52 AM
Dogs are good like that, I think they take their Q's from us when out and about on walks, they'll be nice and social to people in passing unless they feel you're being theatened of coarse, but when it comes to their own property, it's a different story, they do what they do best, protect. I have a beware of dog sign but only after an incident did I put one up. A few years ago after taking my girls trick or treating, it was about 9:30 pm, I put my girls to bed and figured any of the young trick or treaters would be done & home also so I turned my porch light off & dumped the girls candy on my living room floor to sort through it. A few very "large" teenagers came by, as they do every year, (the kind that have no costumes and have no intentions of saying trick or treat or thankyou). I was ignoring their knocks because
they knew my light was off so they shouldn't even have come up, plus they couldn't see me in the living room, at least I thought. They got very mad and began to pound on my door, then I saw them peeking thru the curtains to my living room. When they saw me sitting there, they were furious. They came back to the porch and literally tried to come in my house!!!! Thankfully
my door was locked but my first instinct was to let my shepard in from the yard, opened the front door w/ him next to me, & that was all it took. My dog chased them all the way down the street, their candy was spilling and leaving trails behind them. They were throwing glass bottles at me and him as the chase began but luckily they missed. My dog has never been aggressive to anyone that came to my house but he read me perfectly & knew exactly what to do. I praised him for a week! I have a sign up now just to cover myself should something like that ever happened again and should my dog actually make contact but I do feel it's my property and if my dog feels there is a threat on my property then so be it, after that incident I would trust his instinct over anyones. Your dog did exactly what was right, be good and social on walks and protect & serve at home, even if it was the same person in both situations. It was his mistake to think the dog would act the same in both situations. I wouldn't let this man drive you out of your home. I would like to think he learned the consequences of his being nosey.
And chances are that wont be the normal reaction from your dog with each person that comes to your house, I think you just have one very smart dog!
Good for you :)