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one canary might be sick, please help

September 13th, 2006, 10:47 AM
i have a question and im hoping someone can help me. a couple weeks ago i bought a 4 month old apricot factor canary. she was wide awake, active, always chirping, love to leave the cage and fly and had a healthy appetite. saturday morning i had to go away for the day and before i left i noticed she had gotten diarrea but i was in a hurry and opted to deal with it when i got back. i have had another canary for a year and he has occasionally had diarrea and i would just change his diet and he was usually fine. when i came home she had died. when i got her her poop was more light brown coloured then black and i didnt know if this was normal or not, i bought her from a pet store that only has bird but he has like 500 birds and there are probably 30-50 canaries in each cage. some of the birds didnt look so healthy so i was especially careful when i picked petals out. but it clearly was a dirty environment and i was under the impression i was saving her from the nasty cage. now i feel incredibly guilty and im not sure if i killed her somehow or if she came to me sick. but to make things worse now im really really worried about my other canary banana. he seems healthy, hes singing, hopping around, flying and eating but his poop looks a little brown to me like petals was and i did let them fly around together and they would go in each others cages and share food and water sometimes. if anyone has had any sort of experience with canaries like this i want to know if it sounds like she had a bacterial infection and if its likely my other bird will get it and i should take him to the vets. like i said, he seems fine and happy, but so did she. and now im really paranoid.

September 13th, 2006, 11:05 AM
ummmm.... this may sound really awful but do you have the dead birds body still? If so, then the best bet is to take it to a vet for them to send it for analysis. That way any disease she may have had they can take precautions with your other canary for.

September 13th, 2006, 11:13 AM
i actually do...because i want to bury her and i dont have yard so we were going to take her to the park.
is this usually expensive? this sounds like the best idea though because i really dont want banana to get sick.