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Hello pet friends:) I need helpful info...

September 5th, 2006, 01:06 PM
Hello pet friends !
I am happy to find your site. I should move from bulgaria ( Europe)to Montreal in 3 weeks for relatively long period of time and it is very nice to find people in the new country who like animals and to have the chance to communicate with people from different countries in the same time.
In order not to bothering you all with a private case I just need to ask shortly
What should I do in case I should settle first at friends home ( in a block of flats) where animals are not allowed? Is there any place for example dog hostel ,or something, where I could leave the dog for few days while I am searching for a flat to hire? How to search for it ? I mean are those flats located in a special quarters for people with pets or what is the situation?
I am sure that I am asking odd questions , but in my country te rules concerning dogs and cats are quite different. I got familiar with all the procedures needed for entering Canada with a dog , but it was very difficult to find the site with local rules.
I really need an advice if it is allowed to leave the dog at home while I will be working in the office, or should I do somethng special when I will go out with the dog on the street, or it is enough the dog to be just tied? I couldn't find any info in internet about this...
I am really sorry that I am bothering many people with this case, because evidently you discuss mostly medical problems, but if I don't make the right decision to bring my dog with me now , or to bring it later it could cause its health. But I don't want to risk anybody health , especially my dogs.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope you could advise me where to read or jusk to send opinion:)
Nice day:)

September 5th, 2006, 01:23 PM
Hi and welcome. What kind of dog do you have?
When you move here you will notice that many apartments do not allow animals, especially dogs. When you get here you will have to do research. It also depends where you move to, ofcourse. When you walk your dog in Montreal, it is always expected to have the person walking the dog to pick up and poop the dog leaves behind:D . Personally I would never leave a dog tied and unattended. There are amny people that can walk away with your dog, especially if ita a pure breed.
Other people on this site have alot more advice to give you....Prin where are ya??
Prin, poodletalk, Inverness,Luckyrescue, and others have great info regarding dogs and Montreal
Se you around the site and welcome

September 5th, 2006, 01:27 PM
I'm no expert (though I'm sure they'll sign on soon) but so far as I know you don't need to do anythign with the dog while you're at work. I think its more the basics of life (duh) and that's about it. I know some people hire dog walkers for the midday if they've got a really high energy dog (or just want them to have company) but it isn't necessary either (so far as I know).

As for apartments....they can be really hard to find ones that allow dogs. I know that the building next to us is allowed small dogs but not big ones (and cats). So it can even depend on the apartment building/landlord. So you're just going to have to search I suppose. It may work differently in Montreal but I don't know of any place in Hamilton where its a "dog zone" (ie. apartments in a certain area can have dogs but no where else in the city).

As to walking the dog....on leash all the time outside unless its in a designated "off leash" zone/park or an enclosed back yard...once again I'm speaking from Hamiltonian terms not Montreal but its pretty much the same everywhere.

The others might be able to help you a bit more...

Oh and I want to see pictures! :) Pictures is good! :D We like pictures!


September 5th, 2006, 04:08 PM
It depends how long you're talking about. If you stay in your friend's apartment for a week or so, usually the landlord won't complain (unless the dog is barking all day or something) because you're just visiting. There are a few kennels here that you can leave your dog at for a fee, but I only know the bad ones, so I'm no help there.:o

Finding an apartment with a big dog in Montreal is VERY difficult (little dogs are easier). Some people say not to mention the dog until you see the lease. If the lease says "No Pets" on it, then you should mention the dog, or you might get evicted pretty quickly. If it doesn't say no pets, just don't say anything. It's kind of devious, but Montreal has more dog haters than dog lovers.:shrug:

As for finding it, you'd have to look in the newspaper or just drive around taking phone numbers off signs on buildings. Some of the universities also have sites for housing, like Concordia's here: You can search based on area and price (they used to let you search for pets/no pets, but they don't anymore. :frustrated: ).

Here's the Canadian government's site on bringing dogs in from other countries:

Good luck!:)

September 5th, 2006, 04:52 PM
where I could leave the dog for few days while I am searching for a flat to hire?

Here we call them boarding kennels, sometime vets will offer boarding

Some the animals are kept indoors in crates and then leash walked other facilities have outdoor kennel run,. some of the Montreal people here may know of good place to board dogs This one may not be a good choice, I am just using as an example as this was the first I found online

This site may help you find an apartment the one on the bottom of the page may be affordable to you and is listed as pet friendly and is located in westmount area of Montreal

There are more pet friendly units/condo available depending on how much you can afford for rent.

Another site to search is here it has lower rents

I have 4 dogs they all stay indoors while I work, the weather here can be pretty extreme both very hot and get extremely cold 40 c to minus 40c plus I leave my dogs indoors so they are not barking out of boredom and bothering the neighbours as most communities have nuisance barking bylaws and you can be fined

my older dogs can all hold it while I am away 9 hours, the youngster who is a puppy is crated in a very large dog crate indoors, so he has an area for sleeping/play area and and a papered area for pottying in and a safe area to be in where I don't have to worrying about hom getting hurt or chewing on electrical cords because he is a toy breed I do not expect he will grow to hold for 9 hours so I will be litter box training him, so that he can eventually have run of the house.

September 6th, 2006, 11:31 AM
Thank you for the information:)

I am contacting the landlords using the sites you sent me:)
I think that all my affords to bring my dog will be in vain . but I should try.
After all it is possible to bring my dog later
We will see...
Thanks a lot