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Lost Cat- Guelph Area

August 31st, 2006, 12:05 AM
hi...i've been missing my 7-8 year old calico cat since the beginning of May 2006...we had just moved to the guelph area and my beloved 'Herm' snuck outside somehow...i'm hoping someone has taken it to their heart to bring him into their home as he is terrified of birds and would just be scared to death if he were kept outside....he doesn't like dogs/other cats, but he deals with it
he has brown/black/grey markings on his back with a full white stomach
he has green eyes and has a heart-shaped mark on the roof of his mouth (please check for the marking before getting in touch with me...i don't want to get my hopes up!)
he is neutered but not declawed
he has a hard time meow-ing sometimes, although he somehow gets it right occasionally...he also loves to cuddle and gives kisses...i'm pretty sure he knows his name (Herm)

If anyone has ANY information regarding Herm, please get in touch with me
Thanks a lot,

August 31st, 2006, 07:10 AM
Bondagio,I am sorry to hear about Herm,4 months is a long time,but cats have been found after even longer times,so don't give up.:fingerscr
In many cases people pick up"strays"and keep them,I am hoping this is the case with Herm,then maybe this person will see a"missing-poster"at one point and contact you..
We often read about cats running off during or after a move,stressed from an unfamiliar home:sad:
I am assuming you check shelters on a regular basis and have posters in vets offices etc...
Good Luck to you and Herm:cat: