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Have you seen Cujo

August 30th, 2006, 03:42 PM
Saw this in our local paper,a very sad story...

Have you seen Cujo?

Krissie Rutherford
Aug 30, 2006

Search parties are still looking for a rescue dog from Barbados who went missing in Oakville early Friday afternoon.
Cujo, a Bullmastiff mix, was spooked and ran away from a local home he was visiting with his owners, who are from Stouffville.

He was last seen near Third Line and Westoak Trails Boulevard after being hit by a car. Cujo then ran into the pathway that leads into the park and ravine area. That's when the boy trying to catch him lost his trail.

"He's big, but he's very, very gentle, and very timid," said his owner, Charlene Currie, who was visiting friends in town with her husband, Gordon. "People think maybe he's hiding somewhere in a dark place."

The Curries have, with the help of friends, "searched and searched and searched" since Friday, she says. They've been looking in the area, which includes residential homes, farmers' fields, ravines, marshes and creeks. Area humane societies have been contacted and pictures have been posted.

Cujo is a brown, neutered Bullmastiff mix who weighs about 110 pounds. He's also likely walking with a limp because he underwent ligament repair surgery on his left leg about a month ago, and may have been further injured by the car accident.

The Curries rescued Cujo from Barbados 10 months ago and paid for his transportation to Stouffville.

"He had been starved and beaten and so badly mistreated," said Charlene. "He doesn't deserve this to happen too. We worked so hard, he just came to love us and trust us and now this happened."

Cujo is afraid of people because of the way he was treated in Barbados, which is why the Curries believe he's probably hiding out.

"It's not as if he'd go seeking help, he's too scared," said Charlene, who added he'd been afraid to even walk off their driveway at home. "It also seems strange nobody has even spotted him, so he's probably hiding out."

Cujo wasn't wearing a tag at the time of his disappearance, but he is microchipped, so if he's taken to a humane society, he can be identified and returned to the Currie family.

Humane Societies across the Greater Toronto Area are aware of Cujo's disappearance. "There are lots of search parties out for this dog," said Mississauga-based Humane Society volunteer, Carla Costa. "The owners are just frantic to find him."

There is a cash reward to the individual or group that finds Cujo. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call Charlene Currie at 416-300-0550.

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September 7th, 2006, 07:44 AM
:thumbs up Cujo was FOUND and is now recovering from his 11-day ordeal,no serious injuries after his encounter with a car.
His family is sooo happy and greatful to the 200+people involved in searching for Cujo!!
In the end,it was the owner herself who found lucky doggie!!

September 7th, 2006, 10:24 AM
thats great news xx