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Big Dog - Big Change

August 28th, 2006, 07:01 PM
Just to say a quick Hi! to everyone, I was lurking a while back while I thought about introducing a little disorder to my life. A quick Bio, Myself and my wife moved out of London England a few years ago for me to continue working in an environment I love, this was 3 years ago, after 9 months we had our long standing companions flown out to be back with us. Doofer a DSH I took from a friend whom we shared a house with 16 years ago, he got her at 5 weeks and then 2 days later another of the house tennants got a golden lab puppy and made the cats life hell, training for the dog was to lock it in a room 6 hours a day and if it didn't chew through something it was a 'good dog'. Needless to say it wasn't long before we got out of there and decided to buy our own place. We got ready to have her spayed but instead found her pregnant. I told my wife 'NO' to keeping the kittens and in true husband/wife tradition we only kept 2, a boy and a girl (Pootle and Tiggy). So we up and moved and let my in-laws have the plaesure of the 3 cats while we settled, house prices in the UK rocketed and we found our dream house (castle) here and decided to sell up and commit. This was last year, after 10 years or renovating our then perfect home in the UK, the realator offered us 10,000 (or $23,000 cad) over the market price and also making the house pay us a 180,000 profit allowing us to pay off the mortgage and buy our new 4,700 sq ft house on 25 acres. You can guess what happens next. The cats are settled, we are comfortable, content and living a life that is almost blessed (although without children) so I started looking for a dog. I found one on the humane society website that had 2 major things that attracted me, he was so distinctive (we think he's wolfhound and shephard but who knows) and the other thing was his time was up. So I aproached the thinking half of my life and asked her what she thought, to my surprise she got us in the car and set out on the 3 hour drive to go and have a look at him, 20 minutes after meeting him we had the paperwork signed and were stopping off at pet stores on the way home spoiling the poor guy rotten. So we now have Riley, our newest member of the house and probably the biggest disruption in out lives, and it's great!. We had been prepaired for the depression, hair loss, behaviour but the first night he settled in the unused for 16 years cat bed, in the bedroom and day 2 had us wrestling around the floor full of beans. he lies on his back as soon as we see him and allows us to compleatly dominate him, we can open his jaws and put our fingers in there, play with his food while he's eating, he doesn't come into the kitchen or bathroom (clicker training is proving excellent) and he's pee'd on his pillow downstairs once which earned him a staring session on the lawn where he went again and was given a treat and then ignored for 20 minutes when he came back in, he looked very sheepish after that but soon had his tail wagging again as the next training session started. We got into the obedience class ASAP but they are a league above what we want. The trainer does rally 'o' and we just want a well behaved dog that we can trust to not run and will stay close when he needs to. They have already made us teach him how to accept food/treats and he refuses to take from fingers already, he only takes from an open hand. He is a bit distracted but performs when required, he dog tag will simply read "will work for food". We have a lot of work ahead and a lot of mutual learning to do but he's already so much a part of our family. this is a poor pic (phone camera) but you get the idea, he's not small and he was only needed to be kept on the leash for one day in the house. he is the worst animal to try and take a picture of, if he's doing something photo worthy, you move to get the camera and he suddenly becomes more interested in you, or he turns around. However eventually I'll get some good ones of him.

August 28th, 2006, 07:05 PM
I'm guessing by the size of those feet that your guy has a wee bit of growing left to do! I sure hope you have a BIG car!! :eek: :D

I love that bearded chin!

August 28th, 2006, 08:44 PM
Only the best for my pooch, we have a couple of Porsche's :shrug: but we also have a couple of Aerostars:o , mine has become the Rileys as we use it to go everywhere and he has the whole rear to lie down in, the Porsche he just sits on the passanger seat and looks out the window (strange to everyone else as I brought my car over with me from the UK and it's right hand drive). We actually thought he would be bigger than he is so if he grows some more we don't mind. At the moment he thinks he's a lap dog and is trying to curl up on me and lick my arm while I try and read about other people's trials in getting the dog to co-habit with the cats, i'm thinking I'm going to put him in his crate so the cats can come to him, he has been with our neighbours cats who are used to large dogs and he sniffed and licked and then he wasn't bothered so i know once the hissing and barking is out of the way they will be fine, our cats used to sleep in our UK neighbours Alsation's Kennel in the summer when it was to hot in the house so we know that they all have the ability, it's still early days and none of the cats have left home so I'm thinking it will all be golden.:thumbs up :fingerscr :pray:

August 28th, 2006, 08:45 PM
OMG! He's adoreable! :love: