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Toby eats too fast

February 4th, 2004, 10:40 PM
My dog,Toby eats very fast,i mean like 15 seconds to finish up his bowl of dry food and he doesn't eat he swallows cuz I could see the round chunks of food not chewed after he threw up and he's very obsessive with food. I got him a rawhide once and when I tried to take it away, he became very aggressive and growled and he would try to tear it up so quick that I saw blood on the rawhide and those dental bones. He was given to us by our neighbor a year ago and he moved away now;but I know that Toby has had a rough life before, so I don't know what happened to him when he's a puppy. Please give me some advice as to how to modify his behavior cuz I 'm worried that his eating habit might harm his health in the long run.

February 4th, 2004, 11:27 PM
First dont' give rawhide it's dangerous can cause gastro problems bowel obstructions and lead to surgery

Next feed in small amounts several times a day

Also dogs that may have a very high increased level of appetite could have a medical condition, problem with thyroid to be one of many including diabetes.

February 5th, 2004, 06:00 PM
well... u could also give him little by little that he's forced to eat slower... or you could even increase the size of the food for his breed type.

Dog foods often have the 'regular' size and then the "Large breed" size, u'll be amazed at how much slower he'll eat!

also, check to make sure u r feeding him the recommanded amount!

.... maybe you could even check him for worms, my dog ate ton of food real fast, and soon I learned he had whip worm. he wasn't getting the nutrients his body needed....

let us know what happens... :)

February 6th, 2004, 09:18 AM
When we adopted our dog, Rascal, he did the same thing. He was used to fighting for what little food he could get, and learned quickly that you had to eat fast or lose it. We started out by giving him treats one at a time, to help teach him patience. We also began feeding him with no other animals around, so he didn't feel as threatened. We gave him sort of a snack amount of dog food, and when he finished that we would pet him and love on him for about 15 minutes, then give him more. Took a few months, but he eats fine now, and he even leaves some for latter!

We will pray for your poor puppy, I know how hard that must be.

Good Luck

February 6th, 2004, 11:50 AM
How many times a day does Toby eat?

If only once a day,then I have to agree with Luba.Break it down to a few times a day.Could be that he's very hungry.That's why he's wolfing it down so fast.And that's not good.

What breed is Toby?

February 6th, 2004, 05:56 PM
I agree with everything the others have said. :)
Be aware that some dogs inhale their food naturally. Does he throw up after every meal, or very often? If it's just an occasional thing I wouldn't worry...

To slow a dog down + help with the resource guarding, feed him a piece at a time. Make it a game sometimes, he sits, he gets food. He downs, he gets food....make it fun!
Also some people scatter kibble on the floor, or put LARGE rocks or balls (make sure they're way too big for him to get into his mouth) in his bowl so he has to eat "around" them.

To help get him relaxed around eating & high value chewies, this is a good link:

February 6th, 2004, 06:19 PM

putting rocks sounds like an EXCELLENT idea!!

Carina, where were you before I figured our "large breed" kibble existed??!

:D ;)

February 6th, 2004, 06:33 PM
My mother in law had a dog that would eat to fast unless they bought the kibbles and bits. She didn't like the bits so she would eat around those little things, and only eat the other part! It was rather funny watching her pick at it, when other times she wolfed it down!

February 6th, 2004, 06:35 PM

what a site that must be!!!

:p :p :p :p

I wish my doggies didn't like something, hahaha, it would be such joy to show off to my parents... hehe

February 6th, 2004, 06:50 PM
Who needs movies when you have pets to entertain you! We have spent many nights laughing till we cried at something the dogs or cats did!

One that is kinda funny but kinda not, is that we have a lot of snow out here right now! Close to a foot. We let our Keshound out to go potty and he kept trying to pee but the snow would touch his little winky so he couldn't. Poor thing would walk around and hike his leg look at you like How am I suppose to do this, and then walk somewhere else. I finally had to shovel around one of my trees, so he could go!