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Poor Kittens!

August 27th, 2006, 08:01 AM
Please...if you have a weak stomach...don't read this...
I have a LOT of outside cats....(prly 12) and one inside....someone dropped a friendly but a little sick looking cat at our house about 3 months ago. I called the vet(all she was doing was sneezing at the time). He said not to worry so I didn't...anyway, she gave birth about 3 weeks ago to 6 kittens and moved them after we helped dry them and the cage and after she was done birthing...we took her water and food while in the cage so moving them wasn't something I expected from her. We hadn't seen the kittens in 3 weeks (Moved within 24 hrs of birth). When she brought them out everybody was soooo sick!!!! Hubby and I took them all to the vet right away but I disagree with the diagnosis. Not entirely...he called it some sort of intestinal bacteria and put everyone on Amoxic and gave 'em all a shot for helping to stop fluid loss....then he said they only has a 8% chance of survival thru the night! This is very scary... This am everyone is alive....but the troubling thing is....stop reading if U get ill of the babies has maggots coming out of its rearend! !!!Screams!!!! :sad: Any ideas on survival for this little one? Seems very weak already...I can't imagine.....
Mother is a TRUE challenge to give meds to...Biting and scratching:evil: ...any tips on making that easier would be appreciated as well.....

August 27th, 2006, 08:24 AM
They're probably worms, not maggots. Talk to your vet about worming, at the very least the mother needs to be wormed. I can't remember what age kittens have to be to have a worming treatment, but I know when I found my kitten at 3 weeks old she had bad worms. We wormed her right away at the vet with a spot on medication called Revolution. This is applied topically to the back of the neck so there's no pills to give. However, if the kittens are sick the vet may want to wait before worming them.
The kittens really need to get nourishment to survive, and the worms won't help because they basically eat up what the kittens take in. Please call the vet and ask them about worms. I would also suggest that at this age they may be able to drink some formula on their own. The mother may be having trouble producing milk if she is full of worms. Your vet should be able to give you a recipe for kitten formula, if not I'll call my vet and ask. Good luck!

August 27th, 2006, 08:41 AM
It very well may be worms like vfrohloff stated:fingerscr , but like you said 'maggots' I have seen this as well, kittens must be taken to a vet asap, hopefully it will turn out to be worms as if it is the other, the outcome is not as pleasant, and I don't think it can be treated with meds, pls keep us posted

August 27th, 2006, 10:54 AM
someone dropped a friendly but a little sick looking cat at our house about 3 months ago. I called the vet(all she was doing was sneezing at the time). He said not to worry so I didn't

Honestly...What kind of vet says something like this? You get a strange cat that's showing symptoms of being sick and he says don't worry?

Go to a different vet that will answer all of the questions you just asked us! If you have a good vet you shouldn't have to come on here and ask us these kinds of questions about fatally ill animals! Your cats are seriously ill, really, seek out a new vet.

Any reputable vet should NOT have sent the kittens or mother home with you in this condition without giving you VERY detailed advice on what to do.

August 28th, 2006, 11:35 AM
Well, I called the Vet back and his reply about the little critters on the business end of the kitten was "It doesn't surprise me. He should be put down ." I've been using this vet for about 20 ys now and he is usually pretty good.

Listen, he gave me antibiotics and I am using it on the little darlings. He said they had an 8% chance as of Sat night and a 50-50 chance if they made it after that....I am happy to report that all (except the VERY sickest one) are doing much better. I actually saw 2 fighting in the back of the kennel this am!!!:crazy:

I also took the kittens to an herbalist that gave me natural antibiotics to use for these kittens. An enema of 2-3 drops of Walnut Oil and Garlic Oil straight to the source of infection. I figured with an 8% chance it couldn't hurt. Didn't cause any loose stools or bad reactions at all.

I also thought the Vets diagnosis was pretty generic. The mother was wormed about 3 weeks ago right before she had the kittens. Some of that should have been in the milk. When they get a bit older and stronger (in a week maybe), I am going to call a different vet and get some wormer.....I know they have fleas too...most outside cats do, but I will take care of the immediate problems first.
The mother has eaten 3 cups of food in the last 12 hrs and is beginning to show signs of a remarkable recovery. :grouphug: She is drinking well also. I keep her and kittens apart and put them together about every 4-5 hrs so mom actually gets a break. (makes it easier to medicate also.)

Thanks for all your help on here...I figured the fleas were the least of the trouble...Hubby is afraid the fleas will get in the house and get on the other animals but they are on a preventative anyway. I can always bomb if we get them. The lives of the little ones are more important. My fav is a tortiose shell colored female. She will B moved inside after this is all over and mama is done nursing them. She will B spade and declawed. My crabby inside "queen" cat will have to get over it! :shrug:

August 28th, 2006, 11:51 AM
When I found my little one outside she was given a 5% chance of living and today 11 years later...she is the Queen kitty in a family of 7:D . By the way, I'm sure you know, but when they declaw they actually remove part of the "toes" you really need to declaw. It's so barbaric. :(
We all have our reasons, so I'm sure you have yours...but would you reconsider?

August 28th, 2006, 11:54 AM
She will B spade and declawed

Good for you for having her spayed, but why would you get her declawed? It is a very cruel thing to do to a cat as they remove part of the knuckle as well. It's like having your fingers all amputated just below the nail. Please reconsider. Not all cats scratch things in the house, I have several who only use their scratching post and nothing else.

August 28th, 2006, 11:57 AM
Glad to hear the little really sick one will be pts and no longer suffering, do not be surprised if the other little ones become weaker, with fleas they become anemic and weak making them more susceptible to infection and disease. With a warm- water cotton ball, make sure you keep their(and mom) eyes(yellow puss = infection) and noses clean of crusty gunk easier for them to breath and nurse, (IMO) I think they are away from their mom to long. What are you feeding them while they are away from their mom? I see you are going to bring the one little girl inside but what will happen with the others? Good luck keep us posted

August 28th, 2006, 10:55 PM
ok, called another vet and he sold me some Frontline that is used as a spray and can be sprayed on a wash cloth and then rubbed on kittens...can b used 2 X a week so i am doing that and had mom treated as well...Please don't be angry with me poeple but I grew up in the country and am in the country now ,and to all of us out here : cats and dogs are expected to be outside and work to earn their keep.
My neighbors think I am stupid for doing what I've already done...if it were their cats/kittens....they would be buried by now. My cats get food and water 2 X a day, provide shelter and warmth/ dry conditions in a barn and most out here in the farming community don't even feed them cat food and some don't feed them at all!!!
I love my cats even tho they are not necessarily pets...they do serve a worthwhile purpose to us by keeping rodents and some insects at bay. There are probably 15 cats outside and this one with kittens is about all we can touch or even approach....someone asked what we will do with them when they are better?????? Probably put back outside with mom to learn to be a cat and earn their keep... IF I can talk hubby into it, I wish to keep one of these little ones inside with my other housecat...(yes she is spayed and I don't think it's barbaric. ) I wouldn't declaw an outside cat....ever!!!!
I will declaw and spay this one as well. My daughter is SEROIUSLY allergic to them but we do have GREAT air purifiers. The puncutures or scratches make her welt badly).
I am trying some simple measures to help these little ones survive....I don't think being a cat outside is such a hard life...not here anyway, but I am not gonna break the bank to do it.

August 29th, 2006, 08:59 AM
Please don't think everyone is mad at you, (I) think(the member) feel that in a perfect world every animal would be a cherished indoor house pet with a loving family, full belly, and all around well taken care of and loved. Now back to the real world I think you are doing the best you can and taking offers of suggestion on how to improve, you are just one woman, many others (as you have stated) in your area wouldn't be bothered doing the same. :thumbs up to you for even trying to help them. There are acouple areas of concern, the kittens being kept from their mother (I don't understand why you are doing this, it's my understanding that kittens eat on a supply and demand and 4-5 hrs is far to long (IMO) and if you are keeping them separate are you supplementing them in some way when they are not with the mother?It is also unhealthy for the mother to be away from her babies as she can develop mastitis and her milk will dry up faster. Can you try to flea comb them, this can get 50-75% of the live fleas off, give them clean bedding every day, do this with the mother also. Keep us posted

August 29th, 2006, 10:40 AM
Not mad, but trying to help you to understand. By keeping these kittens alive, and then just putting them back out there, you are perpetuating the cycle of more and more kittens born, getting diseases, and dying. I am not against barn cats at all (grew up on a farm) but I am against having unspayed/unneutered cats having kittens and then those kittens having kittens unchecked.

Also you should read about declawing. I'm not a cat person and have no experience with this, but after I read some of the threads on here about it, I'd NEVER do it. It's horrible.

August 29th, 2006, 05:18 PM
Not going to change my mind about the declawing...sorry. Kids mean more to me than cats.....I cannot allow the mother to have access to the kittens where sh is at because she would hide them behind the washer/dryer and I could not administer meds to them. She has free run of the room but kittens are in a crate. BOTH vets said 4 hrs is fine (at this age...any younger and she should be in about every 2) and I am getting up at night to place them must also remember the mother has terrible diarrhea still and to be confined in the cage would be messy for the kittens. Out of the cage, she can and does use the litterbox (changed 2X a day). Crate is checked 3-4 X daily and changed when needed. Mom is still doing a good job at keeping them clean but one kitten still has issues. I called vet today and he cannot give another shot for 4 more days. Hope it hangs in....Mother is still nursing and she isnt gonna get mastitis. She needs to rest, as do the kittens, to gain some strength. I am doing all I can do here, to help out. Putting these kittens outside unspayed will insure I have a supply of cats....I don't kill them or give them away...they are free to come and go...and they do (along with other strays.) Those of us in the country out here need them and there isn't much of an overpopulation problem. I couldn't catch the rest of them to have them spayed if I wanted to. :sorry: I never refuse to feed or water any of them. If I get one that causes trouble, I call animal control, :yuck: but I've only had to do that once with a very scary cat.:evil: Most of the time they work things out themselves.
The fleas seem to be gone or almost gone. The kittens are so noisy when I pick them up that mama doesn't like them fooled with let alone brushed with a comb....I am trying to establish some trust here with this "dropped off" cat and messing with her babies isn't the way to do it. The spray seems to be affective for now. I saw a cpl of fleas this am, but they weren't healthy so I am not worried. I think the Sentinel spay will do it's job.

August 29th, 2006, 05:42 PM
:sorry: but I think any offers or suggestions are falling on deaf ears at this time, if you had noticed I did not say you were a terrible person, I said you were doing more than others in your area would do :thumbs up I'm sorry but I will not post again to this thread, as I don't want to be taken the wrong way, good luck :fingerscr

August 29th, 2006, 05:48 PM
This was not aimed at you either...PPL just kept razzing me and I was honestly looking for help and not criticism.

I will not B back to

White Wolf
August 29th, 2006, 06:12 PM
This thread has run its course and declawing has been debated here many, many times already.

Thread closed. Please do not reopen closed issues.