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Poor Kittens!

August 27th, 2006, 07:59 AM
PLesae...if you have a weak stomach...don't read this...
I have a LOT of outside cats....(prly 12) and one inside....someone dropped a friendly but a little sick looking cat at our house about 3 months ago. I called the vet(all she was doing was sneezing at the time). He said not to worry so I didn't...anyway, she gave birth about 3 weeks ago to 6 kittens and moved them after we helped dry them and the cage and after she was done birthing...we took her water and food while in the cage so moving them wasn't something I expected from her. We hadn't seen the kittens in 3 weeks (Moved within 24 hrs of birth). When she brought them out everybody was soooo sick!!!! Hubby and I took them all to the vet right away but I disagree with the diagnosis. Not entirely...he called it some sort of intestinal bacteria and put everyone on Amoxic and gave 'em all a shot for helping to stop fluid loss....then he said they only has a 8% chance of survival thru the night! This am everyone is alive....but the troubling thing is....stop reading if U get ill of the babies has maggost coming out of its rearend! !!!Screams!!!! :sad: Any ideas on survival for this little one? Seems very weak already...I can't imagine.....
Mother is a TRUE challenge to give meds to...Biting and scratching:evil: ...any tips on making that easier would be appreciated as well.....

August 27th, 2006, 10:20 AM
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