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New Potty Habit - the Driveway??!

August 26th, 2006, 05:55 PM
Hi all - It's been a while.
So, our 2-year-old dog has started something completely new and I can't figure out why. Instead of darting out onto the usual spots in our lawn to relieve himself, he heads straight for either the middle of our driveway, or directly in front of our garage door. He first usually starts out like he doesn't even want to go, or can't figure out where to go. It takes forever, then he finally just let's it go on the pavement. We're out there at 3:00am hosing off the pavement or shoveling off poop!! Any idea why he would just sudenly start to do this?? Our yard is huge, so it's not like he's "run out of fresh spots" or anything. It's getting very frustrating because since he's now going on such a smooth surface, it runs all over his paws and back legs! I even walk down onto the grass with him and praise him like crazy when he starts to sniff around in the grass, but it just doesn't work.
Any suggestions?!

Thanks again!

White Wolf
August 26th, 2006, 07:34 PM
Double post. Closed to avoid confusion.