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Megan + Dart + Idiotic Friend = tweakage (rant)

August 25th, 2006, 10:27 PM
Yep my sanity has snapped....I'm officially insane....and it all boils down to Dart....rather it all boils down to his owner....ok so there are a ton of other factors in this snappage and tweaking but I'm just gonna focus on the cats...:mad:

Dart started his life in the local pet store. He was being sold for $20 and had a flea bath and treatment and some deworming meds in him before buying him. He also DIDN'T come with any guarantee. Around the time of Dart being shown in the window of this store, it was my friend's birthday. Becky is her name. Well Becky ended up with a bit of cash and some gift cards for her birthday and decided she needed a cat for company. She figured that in a few weeks she'd have enough money saved to be able to get his first shots done and anything else needing attention (like him being sick or something). Dart didn't wait for a few weeks.

Dart is sick. I'm not sure what he has but I know that he's sneezing way too much and it doesn't sound very healthy at all (wet and gross like...sort of like when we have colds...but smaller and almost cuter). Dart also has worms (I haven't exactly examined his poop but I did see some white things in it) and we can't get deworming meds for him. Our vet (and possibly others in the city) won't give us deworming meds for Dart because they haven't checked Dart out (which at our vet is about 70 bucks for the look, 1st shots, and maybe another ten or so for the actual deworming meds PLUS whatever they give him to clear out his nose/chest). I don't have the money. Arron doesn't have the money. Becky is living with us so SHE doesn't have the money. We also believe that Dart got Leo sick after his neutering (he's got a fever and we've got him on antibiotics).

I recently mentioned all of this and guess what? She's probably taking the easy way out. She just might have to give him up to the SPCA. Do I think he's going to last long there? Probably not. He'll be pts because he is sick and he does have worms. I mean there are a ton of other healthier cats out there in Hamilton for the SPCA to deal with so why would they keep Dart alive?

Becky...oh the things I could say about her. You see she's owned another cat before this, actually two of them. One was named Prince and he was well taken care of (for the most part). He was terrified of one of the roomates but otherwise an awesome outdoor (don't kill me) cat. He got neutered and is up to date on his shots thanks to another roomate. Becky had moved out and had to leave him behind so Prince became the responsibility of another roomate of ours (he doesn't take the best care of Prince but at least he's much more stable than her...he can actually feed the cat...though he does overfeed Prince...I do feel rather sorry for him). She then figured that Prince was she got Hunter from her (then) boyfriend's family. Hunter was given away also to one of the roomate's sister because Becky couldn't take care of him. Surprise surprise.

The gist of her current situation is that she's living with us for a few weeks until she finds a job because her landlord kicked her out in an immediate fashion...The landlord kicked her (and her, now, ex-boyfriend) out because she hasn't paid rent in a year...she hasn't paid rent because she hasn't had a job...her ex finally got his act together, moved out, and found a job in Burlington and is now on his way to becoming financially stable once more...Becky is not...Becky hasn't had a job in the last year and a half and has been living off of the kindness of others...Becky says* she can't get Welfare because the Welfare office doesn't believe that she's been unemployed this long and has managed to stay alive...Becky earlier this week was to go out to Burlington to find a job but instead chose to go visit a friend because his guardians are away for a few days...:frustrated:

* I say says because she's "said" a lot of things that haven't proven true...

Now...the only thing I can think of to save this little guy is to get in touch with the shelter I got Pawz from and see if they'll let me foster Dart. I don't mind living with the little guy, I just can't provide him the forever home he needs. I wish I could. :( If I wasn't in school still I'd definately take him in a heartbeat, but unfortunately I can barely keep my two "alive" (by alive I mean shots and neuter and sickness...I do have food! lol).:frustrated:

However, I don't know how this works...I mean is the foster family supposed to buy all the food and get him all up to date on shots and stuff? I mean I know that every foster/shelter works differently but can I just get some ideas of what its like to foster/how it works?


P.S. I realise that throughout many of my posts I probably shouldn't have gotten Pawz and Leo. In fact I really shouldn't have gotten them, but I've made my bed and I will lie in it. I will take responsibility for the decisions I've made. I also realise and live in fear that they are going to become horribly sick and cost hundreds of dollars to help again. The one thing that makes me different from her is that I REFUSE to give them up. I may need to sell my body on the corner to get money but I'll do it (well ok MAYBE not that...I wouldn't do that for my own kids...but you get the idea!). If they are sick I will find some way to get money to make them feel better even if it means that I drop out of school and hope to hell people don't come knocking on our door to reposses stuff (not that there really is much...).

P.P.S. Wow this didn't turn out as bad as I thought it was going to...It really helped to write it all down...

August 25th, 2006, 11:30 PM
I know you're looking for a sympathetic ear or something, but I'm sort of losing my sympathy...

First, there are three cats in your home. Maybe one isn't yours, and you've washed your hands of his care, but IMO, as an animal lover, you not only are watching a little baby get sicker and sicker, you are also putting your cats at risk of so much. It might be worms now, but that "cold"? That could end up killing Leo, too.

Dart might not be yours, but you do have a responsibility to your cats and that involves not letting them come into contact with contagious animals, if you can avoid it.

IMO, it's time to stop playing the victim here and get these animals some help.

I was a student for the past 4 years. I know what it's like to be dirt poor. But that wouldn't stop me from getting my babies to the vet.

And if somebody wanted me to dog sit or something when my dogs were weak, I'd gather up some backbone and say no.

The truth is, while you're getting walked on like a door mat, your kitties and Dart aren't getting the care they need.

I assume that being on your own, you're probably over 20, right? Then where's your sense of responsibility? Instead of saying, "I shouldn't have gotten these cats" and "Dart is my lazy couch surfer's cat", take some responsibility. You have these cats now. They need a parent and in the ****ty world we live in, they got you. So step up.

Sorry for being harsh, but somebody had to say it.

August 26th, 2006, 12:14 AM
Ok. Well that covers that.