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hey ya'll!

August 20th, 2006, 04:14 PM
Hi everyone, I'm Bonny from Kentucky. I'm glad I found this group, it seems to be an active, supportive place for pet owners!

While I've grown up with outside dogs, I just bought my first dog in January. She's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi name Junebug, and I love her to death! I have learned so many things since she came to live with us and I have found a real passion for dogs (I liked them before, but now I'm crazy about them). I hope to enroll her in obedience and then start agility, so if there are any agility junkies here, I'd love to hear your ideas!

So far, I have been training Junebug using the dog psychology outlined by Ceasar Millan, and I have found it to be very effective. I am a big Ceasar fan, and recommend his method to all dog owners. Junebug already knows much of what she would learn in an obedience class because of this (proper heeling, sit, down, stay) and I feel like she is a true companion. She has even outgrown the naughty habit of making chase games out of being called to me after I began interacting with her as the pack leader:cool: .

On the silly side, she is a true clown, with a repetior of silly antics. But her favorite activities are playing fetch and swimming. She is fearless and very sharp, and recently I learned that she likes to sit up in the saddle with me as we ride the was as if she was born knowing that was her spot!

I will finish my M.S. in entomology in the next couple of months before moving to Long Island to start my new job. You can visit Junebug's webpage at Have a great day and thanks for being here!


August 20th, 2006, 06:04 PM
Bonny, welcome to the forum. Junebug is a real cutie. My vet has two corgis and I have looked after them a couple of times when she's gone away. They are real sweethearts and always make me smile with their cute antics.

August 20th, 2006, 08:02 PM
Welcome Bonny and Junebug I love the pics of your little one, her ears just make me smile:D , family friends used to have a corgi named 'Hurk' and he had the best spunky attitude around. Look forward to chatting sometime, and I know there are some members involved in agility ask away. Oh and by the way I :love: the name Junebug it's so darn cute:)

August 20th, 2006, 10:30 PM
Welcome Bonny :D Junebug is a real cutie too - reminds me of those Richard Scary Books. I love Corgis too they are so cute.

August 21st, 2006, 11:13 AM
Hi & welcome Bonny! :)

Junebug is too adorable! I'm kind of on the new side to this community as well. :) My dog Casey has been sick so I've been spending a lot of my time in the Ask Other Members section. :sorry: for not welcoming you sooner. I hope you like it here. I know I do & everyone seems to be so very caring. :grouphug:

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