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February 2nd, 2004, 03:13 AM
My pup is 12 weeks old. On the 26th she ate pidgeon poop and at supper 4 pm vomitted a feather. We had a bird kill in our backyard, a falcon took a dove. That afternoon I had pulled one feather from her mouth and then went out to pick up the feathers. We also have rabbit poop in the yard. Told vet that at 8 week visit. Took stool sample in on 24th she was given pyran and 2nd shots she had round worm.

On 26th I called vet 4 pm he recommended fast ice cubes only in water, me up all night trying to keep her hydrated, until noon next day. At 4 am so hungry I gave her 5 pieces of kibble. 11 am on 27th she had runny poop . a normal day then at 5pm,7,9,11pm runny poop like puddles. Called emergency number, doctor there thought mass die off of parasitites may have contributed said she should have been dewormed at 8 weeks. We told vet at 8 weeks she had eaten rabbit poop, he said to bring sample in next visit on 24th Jan, her 2nd shot date. To vet 8am on 28th. Given medical gastro wet food to feed and another 12 hour fast. Water only with cornstarch for 12 hours. Started gastro next day and she passed mucous in stool, better stools by Friday. A feather passed encased in her stool at 5pm. on Friday Jan 30th. Saturday 31st jan 2 formed stools still a little runny at end. Sunday was day to switch to regular kibble a bit at a time mixed in, she had 2 poops Sunday last of day completely normal. At 2 am Monday runny poop again she woke me to take her out of her crate, she is sleeping now. For the last 3 days she has had 2 bowl movements per day morn and supper and slept straight through the night with no accidents in the house. Now her ears are sore and red, she is pawing her eyes and scatching ears and worrying at one hip. On 24th she was vaccinated 2nd shots and pyran dewormer.

What do I do now? Plan to call vet tomorrow and get more medical gastro wet food. Is is possible the kibble bag is contaminated. Took stool sample on 28th, vet just smelt it! Sadie is really hungry and missing her kibble. She is not a great drinker. Her pee used to be quite clear is more yellow now. She did have lots of energy throughout this except for yesterday. She did get a little raw hamburger on the 25th, I dropped while cooking and she maybe got a very small bit. I have told vet all of this. Help me please, hate to see her sick. Vet recommended at 8 weeks I switch her from Big Dog kibble to medi cal development formula. Pup has had a lot of changes. She is begging at the can with her old original food in it. Confused and worried!

February 2nd, 2004, 04:10 AM
Aww..poor pupper! What kind of dog, and where did you get her?

Hmm, no advice but some thoughts.

*Has she had blood tests for this?
*Inflamed ears, extremities & itching are symptoms of sarcoptic mange, or acute allergy (either food or environmental.) But she may be too young for this; but something to ask your vet. Inflamed/swollen extremities & joints are also a sign of vaccine reaction.
*Do you like your vet? I'm a big proponent of getting a second opinion with your present vet's blessing, if the current vet can't figure something out. Sometimes one will see something another misses, and some vets just aren't as competent...
*Vaccine reaction: Diarrhea and difficulty breathing b/c of anaphylaxis can occur, especially with the "all in one" shots. Liver & kidney failure is also possible (your pup having yellow urine...) Better vets don't give the all in one shots; they space the vacs out. Do a search for "puppy vaccine reaction," it's entirely possible this is the case with your pup. Here's a quick article by Dr Dodds; a nationally respected expert in vaccines & blood borne diseases:

Eating a few feathers, a little raw meat (my dogs including puppies eat raw meat daily) or bird poop could conceivably cause food poisoning, but apart from the diarrhea, what you are describing doesn't sound like food poisoning to me.
I'd definitely look into the vaccine angle. And be aware many vets poo-poo this; because the research on changing vaccine protocols is fairly new. Much of it is coming out of major vet schools but hasn't filtered down to the general practitioners yet.

Don't go off on a vaccine reaction "wild goose chase" just on my say so (I'm not a vet, and can't see your puppy, I may be way off base.) But it really is something to consider. I have a friend with a Doberman who almost lost her pup this way; she found a sensible vet who was able to help her out.

Hope you get some other advice, please keep us posted about her progress.

February 2nd, 2004, 12:54 PM
I just saw another vet and am switching. I will keep Sadie on this medical diet for another few days and see what happens. She hasn't had a bowel movement today yet. She has energy, but is a bit whiny. The new vet said bring her in if she has diarrhea again, they will look at her ears and want a stool sample. May ask for a blood sample to be taken too. Should her urine be yellow or clear. It used to be very clear! She is drinking again, as long as I take the water from the tub faucet. thank-you corinna

February 2nd, 2004, 04:29 PM
Continue food, as pups can get not only dehydrated but hypoglycemic if they dont' eat. DO NOT give kibble give only canned food. BLEND it in a blender with a bit of water and see how that goes. It should be baby food consistency. You can add a bit of white rice and some cottage cheese when you are blending.

Feed SMALL amounts at a time only like two tablespoons then wait a couple hours and give another couple tablespoons.

Medical Gastro is good for this! CANNED!

February 2nd, 2004, 06:21 PM
thank-you so much Luba. Are you saying not to introduce her old kibble at all? I was introducing her to her old kibble by giving it as treats( That's what we used to do) and maybe that is too hard for her tummy. Will soak them and continue to give gastro diet with the mushed up kibble. Thank-you for the cottage cheese hint too. Sadie loves milk products. The breeder had been feeding her a very little milk with her kibble. I continued and she had no problem until this past week after her shots. I have to give her the pyran tomorrow second dose. should I mush it up too? I looked back to see what I had fed her yesterday and I did give her a medical treat solid, maybe that's what caused the upset. She has started jumping at the cupboards waiting for me to mix her food. This is new. So I try to get it made when I get up, or before bed. I am feeding it to her a little warm not cold. I thought that would help too. She had a normal stool at 5pm after supper. I was thrilled hope it continues. Only movement of the day. I am adding water to the gastro and mushing it, so that I know she is getting water. Her urine was a bit lighter tonight. She is sleeping now.

A lot of our training has gone out the window since she has been sick. She is doing stuff that she hasn't done in weeks. Should I worry about this? I am trying to be consistent. I have a yucca plant in my yard should I get rid of it. She is trying to eat it, and dirt and grass! She goes crazy when I eat beef. Thanks again Pat

February 2nd, 2004, 07:01 PM
LOL my pups name is Sadie as well! hahahah small world (and she currently has diarrhea too)

Anyway stay off the kibble (and what kind of kibble is it??)

Just give gastro, mash it with some white rice in the blender and add cottage cheese.

She'll be fine I'm sure of it!

Can you post a picture of her?

February 2nd, 2004, 07:46 PM
Well I did a little reading on vaccines in a good dog care book I have as well as online today. Apparently vaccines should never be given to an unwell dog (even the vaccination manufacturers don't reccomend it.) Especially the live vaccine - it temporarily decreases & stresses the immune system; which is NOT a good idea in a dog that's already a bit sick.

So it's probably a good thing you're changing vets, the last one seemed a bit incompetent!

Oh, I forgot. Add a little canned pumpkin (not the pie filling) to the stuff Luba suggested. Pumpkin does wonders for regulating stool.

Lucky Rescue
February 2nd, 2004, 08:04 PM
Just a hint - dogs and puppies should not have cow's milk. Most of them cannot process the lactose in it and it just worsens the diarrhea.

February 3rd, 2004, 03:18 AM
Last night at her bedtime, she urinated in garage,then all over yard dribbling, then last as I called her in was pink.
I called emerg vet and took her in.

They tested and collected urine and she has a bladder infection. Probabably migrated from having diarrhea. Is on antibiotics now. May have bacteria in intestinal tract too. Also looked at her ears temp, checked her out. Normal temp She is hydrated and acting pretty good vet said. Pup was whiny yesterday and I couldn't understand her.

Now gastro cans exclusively, no kibble Luba , no treats, no bones not even nylar, just kong. Vet thinks she probably injested foreign object like plastic. No millk, no cornsyrup as that is for hypoglycemia,didn't know that. Am to really watch and discourage yard foraging. Yesterday she was trying to eat dirt and even showed interest in my old wheelbarrow. It is old and rusty steel. Am so sorry for pup didn't get this sooner. I saw her urine yellowing. Must sleep. DOn't know how to post photo, am new at this!

February 3rd, 2004, 08:30 AM
AAWWWWWW good luck 2 you both!!!!!!!
Poor pups :(

February 3rd, 2004, 08:46 AM
Awwww poor puppy.....

Also,PLEASE get rid of your Yucca plant....It is very poisonous to dogs...

I also agree with Carina.Shots should not be givin when puppy is sick....Like us humans when we are sick,doctor will pospone needles.I know mine does.

Just incase you have other plants in the house or in the yard,here is a link that will tell you what plants,bushes and weeds are poisonous.

I do hope that Sadie will be ok.

February 3rd, 2004, 10:38 AM
She was examined before her shots on Jan24, she got sick Jan 26th. She was dewormed Jan 24th. Have pulled out of ground all shoots must dig out of ground when not frozen. Thanks thought Yucca was on the list, there aren't any house plants that she has access to I moved them all into my office where she is not allowed. Also got rid of all of my eucalyptus wreaths, this spring will do a yard patrol to rid yard of poisonous and only plant edibles, am also leashing her in the yard and trying to teach her not to touch. We have hardwood floors and we put down runners for the stairs they are very slippy. May have to remove them too she has a passion for chewing at them. Thanks again for your mail.

February 16th, 2004, 09:27 PM
I sent you a PM as I didn't know u had updated this please go take a look.

Nothing wrong with a nylabone....she cant' do any harm with's good for her teething and will help her a lot.

Puree the food as I said and add mashed potato's to it (no butter or milk)....feed small amounts every two hours.

Did they do a stool culture? Is she on the antibiotics now?
IF so the culture will come back a false negative and should be redone a few days after finishing the meds.

GIve her ice cubes to chew on.

I hope she feels better soon..I know how tuff it can be BELIEVE me!! I'm just ending our battle with it here!