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cat reunion stories.

Winston's Human
August 18th, 2006, 01:38 AM
I can't seem to figure out how to edit the title of my Lost Cat thread. What I am interested in is hearing stories about your cats that have gone missing and you have been reunited with. Spare no details, I'd love to hear some feel good stories. Also, I can't seem to find anything like what I am asking elsewhere on this site, if it is there then plz point me in the right direction.


August 18th, 2006, 01:55 AM
I found one...

ooo two:

August 18th, 2006, 12:48 PM
Hey I love this thread :cat:
I have lost several cats...and only one of them is a happy ending. Leo (he is now 11) had a taste of freedom when we lived on the edge of a conservation area and a fast flowing river running through it. We used to hike the paths every night after dinner; with Leo hot to trot tail hooked in the air as he followed us for hours along those beautiful trails... One night he veered away and we lost sight of him, this had happened before (perhaps chasing a rabbit or something else natural to a cat!) . That night there was a storm and it rained quite heavily and we called and called to no answer from Leo...a day passed, two days passed...started to post signs , talk to everyone we saw on the one has seen him...worried and sick over his now week disappearance, we went for a long hike over the rushing rivers edge to the other side...where i all of a sudden hear LEO! His excited and panicked cry MEOW!! Poor Leo, he had been stuck on the other side of the river since before the storm! The amount of rain had raised the river so high he could not / would not cross it...He literally jumped into my arms as I approached him and i carried him back to the other side and we quickly retreated home to feed him treats, treats and more treats!!

Another time, we had left leo at home as we went away to the cottage for a weeks holiday. We had left the window on ground level open enough for him to come and go as he pleased and we had a friend come by to feed him. We had reports that when Lynne came over she would find Leo...and Molson...and 4 other cats lounging around the apartment as if it were there own little party goin on!! But at the end of the week Lynne said Leo was gone...and so were all the other cats! Again, off on the hunt we go looking for our dear pure white cat luck for a week again...all of a sudden out for a walk ...there is LEO..sitting in the doorway of another ground level apartment with a couple of other cats. I called him and he came running! Out came the homeowner and said is this your cat!? I said Yes, he said wow, i thought he was a stray my cat brought home after he was missing for a week ! ( It didnt take me long to figure that the cats had been at our place for a week and then off to this place for a week...they were just going were the food was good!!

A final funny disappearing act Leo did was again at the old apartment. He had climbed up a huge tree and got on the roof of the apartment building adjacent to us. A day went by and ...didnt see started to call him and call him, I could hear him, but not see him, LEO!!! ~ MEOW!
:eek: THere he is!! at the top of the building. We couldnt figure out why he wouldnt come down, if he had got up there he must be able to get down!!.....or could he? We looked around and saw branches on the ground below the tree...No kidding!! someone had trimmed the tree that same day Leo climbed up there (maybe he just went up to keep the guy company while he trimmed the tree lol)
He could NOT get down by himself...and as many of you know, fire departments dont actually come and get your cats down out of high places you know! So We knocked on the persons door who had a balcany closest to the tree and where Leo - now totally anxious, stood MEOWing like there was no tomarrow! Poor Leo , the situations he gets himself into! So hours went by and leo just couldnt get himself down, I decided to go home and get his "box" (he loves a box!) and I began to call him and encouraged him to jump the 10 feet drop into the box...INCREDIBLY he did so, he actually dove into his box , I guess realizing it was the only way...He made it safely home, once again.

Leo still likes to go for walks... but in his old age he has settled to staying closer to home (thankfully!! :pray: ) Maybe he realizes he only has 9 lives!!

Theres my story and Im stickin' to it, lol