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Stolen dog by misinformed rescue group

January 31st, 2004, 02:07 AM

We are heart-broken because someone stole a dog from my good friend (we think by a animal rescue group who was misinformed by a person who is overly nosey and who seems to have a problem with everything in the neighborhood - and whoever took the dog wrote a CRUEL LETTER to my friend - see below). We are frantically looking for the dog, sending out fliers, taking out ads, talking to Sherlock Bones, even physics. My friend cries all the time when she talks about how her beloved dog was stolen (it is an adult female German Shepherd mix (a beloved mut, but predominately German Shepherd – taken Jan 22, 2004).

The dog's name is Freebee, and was taken from Woodland Hills, CA in the Los Angeles (valley) area and the dog was taken from the back yard (fenced in). The lady who took Freebee opened the gate and had food and a leash to get Freebee to come out with her. Freebee is about 8-9 years old (I'm helping my friend because she has trouble accessing the internet) is female and I believe is spayed. The cruel letter was postmarked at the Santa Clarita, CA post office.

WE WANTED TO CONTACT SOMEONE WHO KNOWS ABOUT ANIMAL RESCUE GROUPS WHO TAKE/STEAL DOGS BECAUSE SOMEONE COMPLAINED AND THINKS THE ANIMAL IS BEING NEGLECTED – but it wasn’t neglected (the real warped person is one who thought the dog was neglected – it was not being neglected). We think this is what happened, because an old time neighbor saw a woman take the dog from the yard on Jan 22, 2004.

We think a new neighbor (who seems overly nosey and complains openly about many things in the neighborhood and seems to think her way is the only way that is right and everyone should do what she says or they are wrong) contacted a group like this to take the dog – and then (a week later) wrote a letter to my friend saying ‘YOU DIDN'T TAKE CARE OF YOUR DOG, AND NOW THE DOG IS IN A NEW HOME WHERE SHE WILL BE CARED FOR THE RIGHT WAY’. That is CRUEL, my friend was hurt terribly and was crying on the phone when she was reading this letter to me – WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would do a thing like that? (WHO IS THE REAL PERSON CAUSING HARM HERE?).

My friend takes very good care of her dog (feeds it chicken - that people eat, bathes it regularly, and gives it lots of love and attention, hugs it all the time). She treats it like a member of the family. But this new neighbor doesn’t see that.

The dog is very protective of my friend and follows her around everywhere she goes and makes woo, woo, woo sounds when someone gets close to her owner (she tries to get in between her owner and the other person).

Anyway, this neighbor has previously written letters to everyone in the neighborhood about how she didn’t like how people were taking care of their garbage. This neighbor has complained to my friend that her dog barks too much and didn’t think my friend was taking good care of her dog (but this new neighbor just got a new dog at the same time my friend’s dog was stolen – and the neighbor’s dog barks all over the place). Also recently, my friend was gone for about 4 days (and had her son watch and take care of the dog while she was gone – her son lives 2 houses down) and this neighbor thought my friend died and called the police thinking my friend was dead inside the house. This is not a typical neighbor.

One thing that the new neighbor doesn’t see is that when my friend is away, her son (who lives a couple of houses away) watches and cares for the dog (the neighbor may not see the son take care of the dog, but the neighbor only sees my friend isn’t there and probably thinks no one is taking care of the dog).

Anyway, my friend will do anything to get her dog back and has offered a large reward too. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE WE NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP US.



PS:(anything you can do to help or provide information on who to contact would be greatly appreciated).

Lucky Rescue
January 31st, 2004, 09:31 AM
I understand that you are very upset, but there's no way anyone can help until you give us your location...??

Where was the dog when it was stolen? In the house, yard...?

Your friend needs to plaster posters with a picture of the dog everywhere. Hopefully, this will make it too "hot" for whoever has it to keep and they may dump it at a shelter.

She also needs to go to the shelters often and check out the dogs.

January 31st, 2004, 09:31 AM
Although what the neighbor did,is unforgivable and I feel very sorry for your friends loss,I have to speak up on behalf of"nosy"neighbors.
Of course I would never go as far as stealing a dog,there are other ways..unless there is evidence of clear abuse.
I have always kept a look out for any abuse or neglect in my neighborhood no matter what kind of animal it concerns.
Examples:A Rottie-puppy tied up all day in a backyard,no water,hot sun,a 5 month old kitten left outside from 6:30am to 6:30pm ending up in my backyard hungry and thirsty,leaving two elderly cats outside for a week-end away at New Years,trapping of coons and squirrels,sometimes you have to get involved.
Except for the trapping of wild-life in a backyard(against the law),the other cases got resolved with just a talking to the neighbors,who many times are just ignorant to the needs of their animals and need to be informed,even HS will assist in educating.
I hope your friend finds her dog,how about criminal charges,you have the letter as proof..

January 31st, 2004, 04:37 PM
this makes me sick... absolutely sick!

even when u have a 6 foot fence with a locked gate, *******s still come around and open it to set dogs "free"

wtf... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

plz post a pic as well!!

I'll keep your friend and the dog in my prayers...

(btw, what's the dog's name.. .age... neutered/spayed?)