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I'm waiting!

January 30th, 2004, 09:02 PM
Merlin was found outside in January, he is incredibly small for his age (1 2/2 to 2 years, says the vet). He is quite timid, a "loner". Currently residing in my too-small bathroom, more specifically the bathtub, he has been vaccinated, neutered and wormed. A home without other cats or young children and quiet, frequent attention would give him a new lease on life.

Feb 9 - Merlin is already more relaxed. He likes to be touched and brushed, carefully.

Feb 12 - Last night Merlin emerged from his box in the bathtub, which he almost never does, unless he getting ready to make a wild leap to a high window sill where he is well out of reach of the other cat. He came right up to the edge and fixed me with his golden-eyed stare, which I interpreted as a desire to be picked up, and he spent the next half hour in my lap being cuddled, purring away. It is the first time he has made any move in my direction except to be fed.

The other cat went right into the bathtub this morning and sat very carefully on top of his box, then quietly came down into the area in front of the box and peeped in. No reaction. Then he turned around to explore the food bowls and Merlin had the opportunity to sniff him where it counts. No explosion. The other cat eventually moved off, having made his point.

So I think this little fellow has great promise as a loving pet. Even in these very difficult conditions, he is already more confident and responsive. In other words, he is no longer feral.

February 15 - Merlin has found a home!