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New Kid on the Block

August 10th, 2006, 02:37 PM
Hello everyone, I'm Mary Beth from dry, hot, humid Kansas.

Not sure where to start so I guess I'll start at the beginning. We have 4 dogs all of which I consider as being rescued for one reason or another. Tabac is a Rottweiler, who wandered into our yard with a collar embedded into his neck and no ID. Casey the Shar-pei was brought to us as a puppy when her family's landlord gave them 24 hours to "get rid" of the dog. Conrad, aka Corndog, the basset was brought to us by our daughter. She got the dog from the humane society for her sons but then got a new job with longer hours. She didn't want to return him back to the humane society so she brought him to Nana & Papa's that way the boys can still come play with him. Two weeks ago "Big Momma" joined the family. She is a LARGE English bulldog, really large. The people who had her were going to have to "do something" with her as they were getting their utilities shut off and couldn't afford her, so one of their friends brought her home. She had been a breeder dog, the vet says she has had between 25-30 litters of puppies. We don't think the people who had her before us were the ones breeding her, we think they took her as a pet, but we aren't sure. And we have a cat Beavis who belongs to our other daughter. She can't have him at her apartment and he has never lived away from our house, so she comes home to visit him.

I'm glad I have found a forum where there are other people who are passionate about their fur babies as we are. Our friends think we are crazy to have some many dogs, but it breaks our hearts to see these animals that have so much love and compassion destroyed or something that is worse.

Sorry about this being so long, I'll try to refrain from rambling:rolleyes:

Mary Beth

August 10th, 2006, 02:52 PM
Mary Beth, welcome to the board! I think you'll find this board is filled w/ like minded animal loving folks.

Post pics of all your furries if you get a chance to! we'd love to see them all!

and btw, thanks for being so devoted to animals in need, your post was touching.

look forward to chatting w/ you more!