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Bossy cat & best introduction advice

August 8th, 2006, 06:32 PM

I just adopted a 3 year old (UNNUTERED but i plan on getting him nutered as soon as possible) cat. Currently I have a spayed year old calico cat that was a rescue from a barn. Shes just got an extremly dominant bossy fiesty personality and I was wondering what are the best ways of introducing him to her? I am sure many of you have had extremly bossy/catty cats before & i was just looking for the best advice.

WOuld meeting on total nuteral ground be a good idea? LIke lets say a friends place?

August 9th, 2006, 05:38 PM
no. I wouldn't bring new cats to a friend's place. They can seriously damage the place and run around like mad. I woudln't trust new pets in someone else's house.

Cats are all territorial and bossy. They will never be friends if she's like that. SOme cats learn to live together but they never end up loving each other or cuddling together.

Best thing to do is to trim the claws and let them sniff each other and deal with it, since you have no adequate space to sepparate them(re: your den post). Supervise them and spray them with water if there's hissing and spitting. There's nothing else you can do. I'm sorry some people may argue that there's proper introduction methods, personally i disagree. Cats are difficult. They don't accept a new animal that easily and it'll take time. Luckily they're fairly young and they might get over it easier.

good luck:fingerscr

August 10th, 2006, 08:19 AM
I have a bossy fiesty cat, adopted a couple years ago as a one year old. My other cat is quite a bit older, now 10 years old. The older one doesn't like rough play at all, and the younger one is actually quite mean to her, trying to play and harassing her. I think she just wants to play, but she is also somewhat jealous about my attention. Probably a better companion for my 'problem' cat would have been a younger male cat (mine are both female) who likes to play too. Recently, I adopted a dog, and they both are getting along with him better than with each other. Good luck, I don't have any advice, because nothing has worked for me. I did a slow introduction, but I can't change their purrsonalities. My older cat has her 'safe' areas, and stays in those, mostly. They don't fight usually, just chase around and hiss/growl, although one time the fiesty one tore my other cat's ear. Could be your cats will get along eventually, though, you'll just have to wait and see if they like each other, and maybe you'll get some good advice here.