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Lost/Missing Dog

August 7th, 2006, 03:49 PM
Lost Dog in Guelph
Date Lost: Thursday August 3rd, 2006
Area: Empire St & Elizabeth St., Guelph
Pet's Name: Clover

Clover is a white with brown and some little black highlights spayed female 11 month old Shih Tzu. She has brown and black highlights mainly in the face area but sprinkled on her feet and body too. Clover is very timid and wary of adults. She goes to children but is very timid and shy. Was being cared for on the 3rd of August 2006 when her owner was out of town. She darted out a door when it was opened and bolted out of the area and would not return when called. Being very timid anyway, she seems to be more timid and scared now and runs from everyone. She bolted from house near Empire St and Elizabeth St, Guelph, Ontario and ran to York Rd. Was last seen on South side York Rd near the Correctional Center Sports Field ball diamonds. “Clover” is especially skittish around strangers and may be difficult to catch. Wearing green harness with “Clover” tag and phone number 519-837-2103 and Rockwood Veterinary Clinic metal tag. Reward offered if returned safely.

Please call 519-837-2103 or 519-546-3685 or 519-546-3907 or email us at or

Thank you for your time and hopefully we will get her back. We have been holding out hope in our walking, driving and searching and now feel she may have been picked up and persons are not calling us. Please have a close look at the photo. She is adorable and our daughter and we are heartbroken.

August 9th, 2006, 10:01 PM
Letter to the Editor Guelph Mercury expressing our thanks to each of you out there
I realize this is longer than normal but is there any way to print our thanks?

Well with a lot of persistence and the cooperation and help from a lot of people, and after being gone for six days we found our "Clover", an eleven month old Shih Tzu, today, 8 Aug, at about 7:00 pm. She was quite a distance from the Elizabeth St and Empire St location where she bolted from but through people reporting sightings after seeing our posted lost dog flyers, we were able to pin her down to a general area. We finally stumbled upon her in the Stone Road - Jones Baseline area and she went to my wife when she got close enough and recognized her scent. After losing about 21/2 lbs and with severely matted hair filled with burrs and other junk we took her directly to our veterinarian and had her checked out. Was given some bland diet food because of her shrunken stomach and de-worming medication but really she was in amazingly good condition.
We were fortunate in a way that we had just started our two week vacation when she disappeared but shelved our plans. And so our time from 7 in the morning until late at night was spent just looking for our little bundle of joy. Having owned big dogs in the past I never knew how much this little dog would mean to me. We combed every corner of the South East area of the city and could write a short novelette about our experiences for sure. There were just so so many people all over Guelph that we met who have a genuine love of our animal friends and were so willing to assist us in getting her back. From City Police Officers who carried our flyers in their cars looking for her, to joggers, walkers, business owners who provided encouragement and support, to seniors, teens and youngsters. The business owner who took his ATV out to the old Correctional Facility looking for her and people you would never expect it from, who immediately offered help and went to great lengths to help us. And the young man who last Sunday morning at about 7:00 a.m. I met behind the Bus Terminal who was asked if he might have seen her, immediately said as he stood beside my car, let me say a prayer to Our Lord to bring back Clover safely to you. After his long impassioned prayer I was teary eyed as I left him, and he said you'll find her, I just know it. The city worker checking parking lots who took posters to post at work, the young man fixing his car in the Industrial Park who said I have two of them and can only imagine how you must feel losing her and kept a poster to look for her, to the lad on his bike going to work at the meat packing facility who took posters to post at work, to the lady on the scales at the City dry waste facility who said leave me a poster as I'll get our staff on lunch break to look for her around here, the tow truck owner who said he would have his staff keep an eye out for her, to the auto recycler who was so helpful, the used car dealer who tried to catch her to keep her from getting hit by a car on York Rd, to that Rocky hot dog owner who posted our flyer, to the lady who picked up our dog sitter trying to catch Clover on York Road and drove her all over to try and catch Clover but no avail, to a certain Dad who went out looking knowing how much Clover meant to his little girl, to the Security Officer at the old Correctional Facility who was ready to give me heck until he learned what I was looking for and said he had tried to corral her earlier that day but she eluded him, to the scores of dog walkers who all took posters and said they would watch for her, to that Super Variety store owner and the Upholstery store owner who all offered great assistance and support, and to all who took posters to post them somewhere for us. And to my daughter and two grand daughters who drove here from Toronto for two days of all day searching and posting flyers in the stifling heat and family members here in Guelph who searched with us to all hours of the night. And to the person who phoned just tonight saying that he had seen Clover near the Mustang Drive-In on Friday night and tried to catch her along with a Jones Baseline homeowner to keep her from getting hit by cars who later went home to a sleepless night with Clover's forlorn look imprinted on his mind, knowing she was out there alone. And who went back looking for her on Saturday to no avail and just learned about Clover from the emailed poster I had sent to his VIP Dog Groomer. To the lady from the Upper Credit Humane Society who phoned from home to offer support and that she would look out for Clover. To the lady who owns the flower business at the airport who called to say she just sighted her and fed her while trying to catch her and finally to that special farm owner couple on Stone Road who not only allowed us complete access to their farm but then plowed a path through their soybean crop to help us look for her.
Wordy, perhaps, and I know that some people we encountered have not been mentioned here but who are equally so important for what they did for us throughout our ordeal. Memory fails me at times but memory will never be lost of all the good people we met and helped us in their own special way. To just say "thank you" seems so small when I consider what each of these people did for us throughout our search. There will forever be a light shining on each of you for what you did and each of you are "True Heroes" in every sense of the word and "Clover" thanks you too, for she's back home.

August 14th, 2006, 12:32 PM
What a happy ending!:grouphug:

August 14th, 2006, 07:01 PM
It's always great to read stories with happy endings like this. :thumbs up