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Best pet odor remover- Enzymes or oxygen?

August 6th, 2006, 02:14 PM
I've been using an oxygen based homemade odor remover and am happy with that. It really removes the odors well but I have to mix it up often and in small batches. I was looking for one on the market that could be used by my pet sitter when I'm away or I could use right away when I don't want to mix up a batch of the homemade stuff. I've visited various websites. The ones with enzymes in them say the oxygen doesn't really work. Then the ones with oxygen say the ones with enzymes don't work. In my experience the oxygen ones seem to work better but maybe I've just had a poor enzyme one to compare with (I was using Nokout). How does everyone else feel about these different odor removers and which one has worked the best for you?

August 6th, 2006, 03:20 PM
For urine I've been using Urine-Gone, which is enzyme based (though I'd like to find a better one), it takes away the smell and stain better than oxygen-based cleaner. The oxygen based cleaner worked ok on the smell but it didn't remove the stain well and it actually made part of my rug bleed color. Btw, I've found that all the enzyme based cleaners that are sold at the store don't work or smell pretty bad. I ordered the Urine-Gone online.
For pet odor I just use carpet powder on my carpets and febreze on my upholstery and this seems to work the best.
For the animals bedding I don't worry about it, I just wash it in the washing machine with gentle perfume-free laundry detergent because once the animal lays on it it's gonna smell like them anyway.