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Desperately need advice and/ or help!

August 3rd, 2006, 03:08 AM
Hi Everyone,
I have a cat named Trampster I've raised her since she was 3 weeks old she will be 10 years old Sept. 6th, now my neighbor moved and couldn't take her cat with her so we took her, she is 2 yrs old. Now in all the years I've had cats whether we had an old one and brought in a younger one or vice a versa it only took them about 3 days to get along, now we got the new one on June 24, 2006 and it is now August 3rd, and my cat is just relentless. This new kitty everytime she hears my cats bell she runs and hides. Is there any advice anyone can give me about this? I won't get rid of either of the cats and I figure in time they will get along (that is if they don't drive me to the nut house first) Seriously though, they each have their own food, water dishes and their own litter boxes in 2 different places. What can I do to help make them get along with each other?
Thanks Sydnie

August 3rd, 2006, 06:34 AM
I am sure one of our many cat lovers will be able to give you more advice I cannot offer you any. But welcome to the board and thanks for giving the cat a home. I am sure you will be able to work it out, good luck

Lola Bologna
August 3rd, 2006, 08:18 AM

Maybe you can try giving your new addition a room of its own for a while where you can set up the food dish, litter box, water, and a comfy bed with toys. The kitty is probably feeling anxious because of too many new changes. If there is a chance that it can be alone, get used to one room, and then gradually introduce her to the entire house.

In the meantime, while she is confined, go in a spend time with her, cuddle her, feed her and she will develop confidence and security. Cats like to be secure.

By giving the kitten the run of the house and seeing that she is not comfortable and frightened, it may happen that she will not go to her litter box because of fear of the other cats and other problems will develop.

Laundry room is sometimes a good choice or a mudroom, but make sure that you keep your other cats out for a bit. Give her a chance to bond with humans so that she develops a form of security to start.

When introducing her to other areas, start slowly and only give her a few minutes and gradually increase the times, but bringing her back to her confined space. While out of her room at first, she will require constant supervision so to make sure that all cats are happy and in the meantime you can observe how the process is going with respect to adapting to your other cats.

Hope this helps!

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