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How to Transition to a “big girl bed”?

August 1st, 2006, 10:19 AM
My little Wet Highland Terrier, Charlotte, is 1 and a half years old now and has been sleeping in her crate, with the door closed, beside my bed since I got her.

She LOVES her crate and goes in there all the time, but I was hoping to transition her slowly to a regular doggie bed. Mostly because I think it’s time, but also because I would really like to get the crate out of the bedroom!

Does anyone have any ideas or experience about how to do it smoothly? :confused: Any ideas would be great.

August 1st, 2006, 10:51 AM
my dog is about the same age, and he too, loves his crate. My bedroom is large enough, so I intend to keep the crate available. But for many months now, I've been leaving the crate door open, so it's an option, but not mandatory that he sleep there. My dog starts his bedtime in his crate, then as soon as we are asleep, he hops up into bed w/ us (which is allowed), or sprawls out on the floor.

Perhaps get a dog bed, and put it IN the crate for a little while. Once your dog is content sleeping on it, pack up the crate, but put the bed in the same spot the crate was in. (this is of course assuming you have a crate large enough to accomodate a dog bed) if not, I'd simply replace the crate with the dog bed.

dogs who are crate trained regard their crate as their "den" or their "room" and taking it away may cause some anxiety. I (just my opinion here) don't believe there is a "time" to do away with it. I don't see it as a crib for a baby - and that the dog will transition out of it. I see it more as my dog's space - his area - his room - his den - therefore I intend to keep it available and used. It also helps if you travel, or if your dog has to spend the night elsewhere (vet, relative's house, boarder, etc) the dog is then used to (and happy to) sleep in the crate.