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Cats reaction to each other after vet

January 26th, 2004, 08:46 AM
I've got two Siamese boys who will be two years old this March. Ever since we adopted them, they've been the closest of companions, sleeping together, cleaning each other, playing together, etc.

Recently, I had to take the more vocal one (Banky) to the vet. He was lethargic and didn't eat or drink. We saw him try to go to the litter box but he just walked around it but didn't do anything. He in general looked sick, so we took him to the vet. The vet gave Banky x-rays and didn't see anything too negative, but did do a full examination and felt that he was passing a stone, and upon further examination, believed to get something out of his urinal passage.

However, upon returning home (Banky was gone for less than a few hours), he was a little better, and as time has passed, has almost fully returned to his normal self. Randal, his brother, also has returned to his normal self, except for one thing.

Randal doesn't seem to get along with Banky anymore. When Banky gets close to him, he hisses at him, and on a few occasions, has growled. Never a swat towards the other cat, but just a general sign of displeasure.

Could it be the smells that were on Banky as a result of a trip to the doctor? They are totally indoor cats, so they wouldn't have any contact with other animals. Is this something that is common? Will it go away?

Lucky Rescue
January 26th, 2004, 09:21 AM
Yes, this is quite a common occurance. Banky smells like a new cat now to Randal.

This should go away, and they should get back to being friends. Try rubbing them both with the same towel, then give them some great treats close together.

I've seen much more extreme reactions and your situation doesn't sound too serious.

If it doesn't improve, or gets any worse, let us know. I've got more suggestions.:)