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davinci vs movie

July 29th, 2006, 08:12 PM
there's already a thread on this i know...but it's so old I figured I'd start my own Davinci Review thread , because I just saw it...about time.

I borrowed the book from Chapters, and read it over the weekend. That means that weekend i only slept, ate, and read that book. I really enjoyed the information provided and how the characters were portrayed.

the movie..
Someone(i'm not sure if it was on this forum) said that the movie made them feel like they had to stop and take notes. I don't understand that. The movie had nowhere near enough information as the book. It felt like such a rush through the storyline. And parts were skipped, and the ending was altered.

I'm not sure why so many church people got offended. The movie, as opposed to the book, clearly presents the facts as fiction, a story, unlike the book. The book is more like "these are the facts!". The movie keeps repeating "you have no data to prove that, therefore may not be true".

a few things that bothered me with the movie:

Langdon's character in teh movie in a way made me feel like he didn't know enough information about symbols as a well known professor should. I felt like he was in the movie for nothing, as Sophie was the one solving most cases.

parts were cut, made story line shorter.

It wasn't evident in the movie that the whole thing happens in 24 hours. Some people got confused with that. "WHy is it always dark??"...because it happens at night! The book has that more clearly.

The story line revolving around the Teacher sucked in teh movie. Maybe cos I already knew who he was but the movie wasn't so convincing on the mystery of it.

And the ending??? ........the book clearly states that the Roslin church has no access to the underground chambers. So I'm not sure where that part was filmed. ANd then all of a sudden those Priory members show up, as if they were expecting Sophie to arrive. Weird ending. When those people started gatehring in the church i thought "what the heck is going on??"

I was a bit worried to see the movie after reading the book as I already knew the ending, but I was wrong! The ending threw me off! And what happened to Sophie's brother?? lol

I'm not sure what to say about Silas.....I've never seen Paul Betanny like that before lol

anyway........that's my review. I feel like those Lord of the Rings fanatics who compare every vs book lol