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Kittens + meds + Megan = Major frustration!

July 28th, 2006, 01:49 PM
Warning this is a bit of a

Well Pawz went to the vet on Wednesday for his third shots and I mentioned to the vet that he had some stinky poop for the last few weeks and that he's had really soft/diarrhea-ish poop too. They looked surprised that I hadn't taken him in earlier: my logic was when the stinky poop started I'd just changed their food like three times and his system obviously wasn't taking to the changes very well so I figured I'd give him a few weeks to settle back to the right food...then he ate 1/2 a bag of treats which would give *any* cat stinky poop for a few days...I obviously didn't explain it perfectly and they sort of didn't like the fact that I waited so long.

Anyway, so they figured maybe he's got some worms still or other parasites and gave me some "Interceptor" to give him; that one went well because I just put it on the floor, kept Leo away and Pawz just ate it no problem. I figure good Life is good the other set of pills for him to take can't be that hard to make him eat :D. WRONG!!!!!!!

The Metrodinazole (??) that was given to him tells me to give him a quarter of a pill twice a day (its already in quarters so life is good :D) and that this will help with the soft poop/diarrhea. Can't be that hard to give to Pawz right? :frustrated: So I bring him home and I try to give him his first pill. It did not go ended up all over ME as some sort of ABCed pill form! My poor fingers were bitten like crazy too! So I try a second one and this time "slip it into his food" (since he was eating the food anyway at the time and Leo wasn't anywhere nearby I figured it was safe). Well Leo comes over to be all dominant like and I push him away repeatedly while Pawz picks up the piece of food with the pill inside it! Except he spits out the pill....:frustrated: So once again I try force feeding him it. Again white muck as a result.

My friend comes over and takes one look at my frustration and with a 3rd pill tries to get it to work (she's had cats before and is pretty good for this stuff.) She couldn't get it but her boyfriend took over. 3rd pill ends up partially eaten and partially elsewhere in the room. So we finally had some med get into his little body, and the look on his face after we succeded would have killed us!

So this morning I try again on my own, no go there goes pill #4. So the boyfriend helps me and the 5th pill finally gets in where it needs to go (and mostly in one piece too!). And we found out if shoved far enough down he doesn't get foamy! :D Again the look on his face after succeeding could have killed us....*sigh*

Anyone happen to have any tips on how to get my little demon Pawz to take his pill without needing six hands to hold him down? lol Anyone else got any "fun" stories they'd like to share? Those always make me feel better and less like an idiot...


P.S. because so many pills were wasted should I head back to the vet and get him some more?

July 28th, 2006, 02:31 PM
This is what's worked for me:

1. Wrap cat in towel with just his/her head sticking out.
2. Hold cat in towel tightly against you with one hand.
3. Open mouth and put pill back as far as you can.
4. Close mouth and hold shut with one hand and stroke top of nose with the other hand until he/she swallows.

Good Luck. :D

July 29th, 2006, 12:41 AM
Well this time didn't go as well as the last time but we did get the bulk of the pill in. :) we is happier now. Should have tried what you said about the towel but he wasn't very struggly...just didn't want to swallow....doesn't help that it fizzes and makes him look like he's rabid!

It's strange because sometimes Pawz acts like he's sick and the next minute he's tearing around the house as per normal! This of course is not helped at all by Leo who chases after him no matter what! Of course we don't know what it is that he has, if he has anything, because it could just be the food (though I think its pretty good quality anyway) or all the flies they keep eating! We're hoping its just more worms or something but I did notice today that Pawz is nothing but skin and bones! Not good!

Which brings me to another question....should I be keeping them as seperated as possible? I mean all that running and jumping can not be good for Pawz and I don't even want to know about the wrestling! Or since they're playing as per normal then it should be ok? I mean each time we lock Pawz or Leo away from the other one Leo starts meowing like crazy and doesnt' stop.

Added to which while I've all but given up on having the cats out of the bedroom because of allergies it'd be the only place to stick the one kitty! *sigh* confuzzled!

Oh one more random question: When either of the cats go to the litter box they keep pawing at the sides of the box (to attempt to cover it up with more litter) but they do that alot? Should I buy a bigger/wider box for them? or is that normal-ish?


July 29th, 2006, 08:00 AM
Megan,thank's for the laughs:D although loose diarrhea is no laughing matter,the way you write about your struggles,form these pics in my head.
I've had cats eat everything in their dish,except the part with the pill:yell: or times when I thought,he swallowed it,only to find the pill in a hidden away corner...definetly no easy task:cat:
What I ended up doing often,was mash the pill and put it in a spoonful of canned tuna,something most kitties like...Good Luck!!
The last meds my Rocky was on,came as a gel,to be put on the inside of his ear,a breeze to apply:thumbs up

July 29th, 2006, 11:53 AM
Well see that's the thing its not loose diarrhea...its just really soft and squishy poop. :(

*sigh* I don't know...

Tried getting another one down his throat keeps foamin in his mouth and he's not getting the pill down...he waits till it foams and then it comes out his mouth instead of going down his throat....little demon cat!

If this keeps up I'm going to have to go back to the vet and ask for help :frustrated: He's a wonderful cat but does he take pills? Noooo he's a stubborn little guy! I got a cute cuddly stubborn kitty on one hand and on the other a crazy psychotic "Hammy"-like cat (for those of you who've watched Over the Hedge).


July 29th, 2006, 05:47 PM're so funny. :D I bet you could write a best selling novel. ;)

I've gone through what you're going through and it's just hilarious to hear you describe it. I even tried Chico's tip with crushing the pill in tuna or salmon. The cats loved salmon or tuna but they always knew if Mom was trying to hide something in it and wouldn't touch it. :evil:

I'm sorry my tips didn't work for you. I actually got them from searching the internet. :o Supposedly the key is the stroking of the nose. Most people rub under the neck to get them to swallow which doesn't work. Your supposed to hold the head slightly down and rub the nose. :shrug:

Now, I know you're going to go to the vet for some help. They're going to just pop the pill in and down it goes. Just like that :eek: happens every time. :D

mama samoan
July 29th, 2006, 06:31 PM
Dear Megan, I have been fostering animals for over 35 years and I usually dip any pills in a wee bit of margarine or butter, before I put it in the back of their throats. It seems to help hold the pill until you can close their mouth, I then gently rub the outside of their throat until they swallow. Hope it helps and good luck.

July 29th, 2006, 10:34 PM
SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!! :yell: :yell: :cloud9: :D

Mwahahaha I am victorious! *dances* Pawz gobbled down the tuna! Gobbled it all! OMG I am sooooo happy! It only took till Plan F! YEesh!

Victory is MINE!!!!!! alllll mine! Now I just have to get hte boyfriend to bring home some flaked tuna in water later and we can continue giving him his meds! *dances* Who da man!?!?!

*cough* Ok I feel much better now...:D

Anyways....So Pawz took his pill (go mashing!) and it turns out that LEO'S poop is super stinky too! OMG he let out one hell of one earlier today when I had company over! (Could have killed him for that one too!) I mean he couldn't wait till later tonight when its just ME?! Hmph he's trying to scare away the vet in training....I know his plan now!

So now the both of them have stinky poop and I don't know what to do....Leo's poop has been fine until today and the only thing that differed was the tuna....Hmmmm I think I'm gonna monitor that the next day or so (or get the boyfriend to since I"m home for a week)....yes I shall put my man to work! Mwahaha


July 29th, 2006, 11:17 PM
Plan F was not a total failure (upon checking up on Pawz's progress)....he ate all the Tuna AROUND the damn pill! :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:

*chants over and over* Must not kill kitty...must not kill kitty...

So I've got him locked in the bathroom until he eats most of what's left (I even put a bit more tuna on the plate for him) so at least I knwo he got most if not all his meds....

I'm debating next time to get him to dunk his head in the meds or something....maybe that's gonna work better....:frustrated:

The meows are breaking my heart though....but its for his own good....he needs to eat that pill....I feel like such a bad pet mommy becuase I "let" him get sick in the first place thinking it was a simple food adjustment issue.....:sad:

:fingerscr that he'll eat the rest of what's on his plate by the time I go to bed....


July 29th, 2006, 11:31 PM me, he's not going to "eat it". :D

Did you try mama samoan's "trick"?

Otherwise, try mine again....I have honestly gone through all your frustrations....or else your vet will make it look so easy. :D

July 29th, 2006, 11:36 PM
Plan F version B has done it! W00T definate cause for celebration!!!!!!!

I stuck some treats in with the tuna and of course to get to the treat he had to eat teh medicated tuna! *dances* AND HE DID!!!! hah! hahahahahaha

It only took me six tries....:eek:

I shall see if tomorrow this works again (though tomorrow I"ll actually mash up the pill right!) and all will be good....if that fails I"ll tell arron to do it the other way....

I think we're still gonna need to head to the vet to replace the meds that we "lost" because of Pawz' stubborness (the idget!) but otherwise we may have a winner......hehehehe all we have to do is get Pawz when he's hungry! Mwahahahaha

I love my cats....:D


July 29th, 2006, 11:42 PM
Megan...please write a novel. You would have a great career ahead of you. :D

July 30th, 2006, 07:13 AM
I agree,you are just a natural,very funny:cat:
As for the diarrhea,if it lasts long with kittens,we all know it can dehydrate them and it could get serious.
My cats get it at times,for different reasons ,but they are not babies and don't warrant a vet-visit unless it's an ongoing problem,lasting more than a couple of days.
Good Luck with the poop-problem and the pillpopping!
I would give him very little tuna with the mashed pill,so he does not have a chance to eat around it,but be warned,it might only work for a while:)

August 4th, 2006, 11:57 PM
I agree- you write very amusing material tho I know it is a serious issue for you and Leo and the other kitties, sigh! I have been there as well. Tried all of your "plans" - I once had one cat that the only thing that worked was to push the pill down her throat as fast as possible (without getting scratched or losing a major artery in the process), cooing all the while tho that fools no cats (they are too darn smart for that stuff and let you know it in no uncertain terms). I would dip the pill in something slippery (like margarine - butter is not great for cats tho neither is not getting their meds) , wrap kitty in a towel and then open up her mouth as wide as possible, drop in the pill and close her mouth and stoke her throat as the pill was going down.

It worked most of the time with the emphasis on "most". There were more than one occasions I would be ever so smug and satisfied - thinking of course I could do this - and discover the pill or most of it on the other side of the room.

Fortunately, my curent kitties all eat their pill coated in tuna or lobster tho I am convinced they know the difference and are just playing along to make me think I actually know what I am doing. With my Siamese, I gave her pills from the time she was a baby (when I first adopted her at 12 weeks) and she seems used to my "methods". Also, my cats have grown to know that if they take their pills, they get goodies after so there is an incentive. (not that behaviour mod works with cats especially - they would point out I am sure that they are not after all dogs, lol but I try, lol).

You should try administering meds to a bunny, lol (They have sharper teeth).

Also, you might make sure your kitty's claws are clipped before administering a pill. <Kidding> Someone needs to invent some kind of pea shooter type thing that mirrors the anatomy of a cat's throat or else we need medcines like we have in pediatrics for kids - tuna flavoured penicillin for cats. (or other meds).

Good luck!!!!!

August 5th, 2006, 02:36 AM
Some meds also come in liquid form, and when our frustrating, stubborn siamese mix would drool everywhere, spit drool at us, foam at the mouth, bite, and throw a fit while trying to give him a pill, we got the liquid instead.
Welllll....this worked until he figured out that he could hold it in his mouth and then spew it all over us when we let go :frustrated: , I swear he can spit that stuff about 5 feet .
After trying everything I have STOPPED worrying about being nice or gentle. I'm just going to dip the pill in some margarine and shove it down his throat. That's my advice :D .

I hope none of you find this offensive but I don't think he'll take any meds otherwise, and he's getting them whether he likes them or not :p

August 5th, 2006, 06:49 AM
I have a gadget from the vet, there's a rubber tip that grips the pill and a plunger at the other end. You place the tip in the back of his throat and push the plunger, so at his first gag reflex, the cat swallows the pill almost without noticing. Some taste pretty bad, so you also want to get it past the taste buds on his tongue, which tell him to spit out whatever is bitter/foreign.
You gotta work fast. I just come up behind the cat and crouch down so he is braked against my feet and legs, open his mouth and slip it in, as far back as possible (see above) in one movement. The less you have to tussle with them, the better.

August 5th, 2006, 10:25 AM
Well Arron says that he took his last pill without fuss in a bit of all is good in the world!

I did notice that Leo was rather upset at us for trying to give Pawz his pills he kept meowing at us like "what do you think you're doing? He doesn't want it so don't give it to him!" Once Pawz started taking them in Tuna though, all Leo wanted was the Tuna! lol We'd lock Pawz in the bathroom so he could eat the "medicated tuna" and then Leo would finish his and meow at the door! Let me tell you that cat is fast when he wants! There have been a number of times when I've had to grab him in a rather...unseemly...manner so he doesn't get at the medicated stuff. He always looks so put out too lol! Nevermind the fact that he's already HAD his share!

Idget cats....:crazy: :D


August 5th, 2006, 07:32 PM
When I have to give Piper a pill it's no problem. Piper weighs 18 pounds and has all his claws. I get him in front of my feet, tickle his chin and when his head comes back, I open his mouth and shove it in. Then I hold his head up and rub his throat. Pill all gone and no trauma to either one of us. The first time I ever gave him a pill my husband was holding him and I got bite and scratched. This method works everytime for me. :fingerscr to you.