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SPCA dog owners - which breed does your mix favour?

July 24th, 2006, 08:51 PM
Just a fun post for mixed breed dog owners!

I have two wonderful beautiful dogs:

Sasha 2.5-3rs old and Andre is turning 13 this year, or is it 14? We couldn't quite read his tattoo when he came into the shelter...

Sasha is a German Shepherd/Husky/Rough Collie mix... and she exhibits characteristics of all three. She's highly intelligent, loves to run, dig and be stubborn, and loves to herd... She would be in the very real doggie heaven if I could just buy her some sheep!!

Andre looks like a short and squat black lab. He's almost shaped like a pit bull or a boxer, but he has that lab face and colouring...

I've attached a picture too, so tell me, what breed does your dog favour?