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chicken pox

July 22nd, 2006, 09:09 PM
well my daughter has chicken pox . shes currently at her dads (he does 1 week then i do 3 weeks ect) and im sopose to be getting her monday but i have never had chicken pox . i hear when you get it when you are older it can be worse . does anyone know if thats true? her fathers willing to keep her threwout the chicken pox period because he has had them . but i miss her but i also dont want chicken pox or have to take time off work because i have them ( i cant afford time off ). does anyone have any sudgestions? im scared of getting them :o her father doesnt mind keeping her and since he only gets her for one week and i get her for the other 3 . should i maybe allow him to have her for this? how long are chicken pox contagious for?

jesse's mommy
July 22nd, 2006, 09:16 PM
She is no longer contagious. The chicken pox virus is contagious about two weeks before they break through. If you haven't gotten them from that time, you probably won't get them. I had them when I was 20 years old and it was terrible. I was volunteering at the YMCA with the kids and I was there for three weeks when I had a bump on my neck, then another and another and another. Before I knew it (since I had plenty of time on my hands), I counted over 150 bumps. It was horrible. Oatmeal baths, calmine lotion, anything I could get my hands on to stop the itching. Ugh!

July 22nd, 2006, 09:23 PM
thanx jesse's mom . im suprized i havent gotten them in my life yet . and im glad to know she wont have to stay with her father for the next little bit :D

July 22nd, 2006, 09:47 PM
i know youreally dont want them ... but wouldn't it be better to get them now instead of when you're like 60 or something???? I had them when i was 19 .. actually my 19th New years ... I was soo excited to get to go to the bar for the first time ever for a new years .. my friends called me from the bar laughing for the count down ... awwwww .... or maybe it was a dig at me for being stuck at home lol.. i don;t know .... but ya..... its true.. the contagious period is before you see the bumps ... so it looks like you might be in the clear .. maybe you just have a natural immunity ... wouldn't that be nice lol!

July 23rd, 2006, 11:43 AM
Chicken pox in most children is not that severe. Her doctor may prescribe an antihistamine to relieve itching. But for the most part, the disease is allowed to run its course. If a child has other factors (like say cancer for ex), sometimes an anti viral may be prescribed but again, that is only in extreme cases. Make sure she does not take ASA (aspirin) because of its association with Reyes's Syndrome but as a mom, you prob already know that!

Since chicken pox is caused by the same virus as herpes zoster, anyone who has had chickenpox as a child is also at risk for a latent illness called shingles. After an infection, some of the varicella-zoster virus may remain in the nerve cells. Many years later, the virus can reactivate and resurface as shingles a painful band of short-lived blisters. About one in ten adults who've had chickenpox experience shingles. The virus is more likely to reappear in older adults and people with weakened immune systems. Shingles can lead to its own complication a condition in which the pain of shingles persists long after the blisters disappear. This complication, called postherpetic neuralgia, can be severe.

Other complications of chickenpox affect pregnant women. Chickenpox early on in pregnancy can result in a variety of problems in a newborn, including low birth weight and birth defects, such as limb abnormalities. A greater threat to a baby occurs when the mother develops chickenpox in the week before birth. Then it can cause a serious, life-threatening infection in a newborn.

Have you been vaccinated against this disease?

July 23rd, 2006, 12:13 PM
I agree- you should get vaccinated asap.