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I am LMAO!

July 19th, 2006, 12:03 PM
stumbled across this and i couldn't stop reading between fits of laughter:

should we invite this poor soul to learn more about dog food? i feel sooo sorry for her dog... thinking Ol'Roy anything is "healthy dog food of wonderful quality" :yuck:

:eek: :eek:

July 19th, 2006, 12:16 PM
Please save this poor girl and her poor dog Ol Roy is really bottom of the barrel makes Purina One look like designer food

July 20th, 2006, 12:17 PM
Ground yellow corn, soybean meal, ground whole wheat, corn syrup, poultry fat, Meat and bone meal (Animal Fat Preserved with BHA and Citric Acid), Chicken by-product Meal, Rice, Animal Digest, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin D and E Supplement, Niacin, Copper Sulafate, Manganous Oxide, Vitamin A Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Meadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex Source of Vitamin K, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Cobalt Carbonate, Folic Acid, Sodium Selenite, Folic Acid

my favorite quote : I purchased Kibbles Chunks 'N Chews in the 20 pound bag and paid just under $7.00 for it! The economical price for this new product was enough reason to give it a try
another fav :
It is made with high quality ingredients and provides 100% nutrition in a well balanced formula. This is basically what I look for in the foods that I buy for my favorite pet. Because Sam Walton had the nothing-but-the-best-for-my-dog sentiment up front in his mind when developing this dog food

July 20th, 2006, 12:53 PM
I don't know which makes me want to hurl chunks more....the ingredients list or her overzealous description.

Hmmm....anyone else here suspect that this "testimonial" wasn't written by just your average pet owner???

July 20th, 2006, 12:55 PM
Maybe a family member or an employee

July 20th, 2006, 01:03 PM
I just saw an older lady bring home this huuuuuge bag of Ol'Roy from Walmart the other day as I was walking home....*shudders* I felt like going over to talk to the lady but I'm too chicken.....and I figured if she was that old she'd probably not want to change anything much in her life either....I know how stubborn my gramma is and trying to convince her of anything is a pain in the.....well you know!



July 20th, 2006, 02:26 PM
That's pretty gross- how "corn syrup" is the 4th ingredient?? Behind only grains? And the preservatives are the cancer-causing BHT and the bloat causing citric acid?

Oh, and best of all:

Animal digest


lol funny though that even in ol' Roy standards, the rice still isn't "brewer's".

July 20th, 2006, 02:31 PM
Ground yellow corn, soybean meal, ground whole wheat, corn syrup

Sounds like plain cornbread w/ soybean added. And people wonder why it's so cheap, there's almost no meat in it, lol.

Having learned this knowledge when I was working as a Wal-Mart part-time associate

Kinda makes you wonder.

July 20th, 2006, 02:39 PM
There isn't any real meat in it... I wouldn't could by-products as actual meat. It's like the drippings real meat left on the floor as it passed by...
(metaphorically, of course)

July 20th, 2006, 03:31 PM
I guess I should have said meat related items, lol.
Either way I'd feed my dog a loaf of bread every day before I'd feed them Ol' Roy.
We started one of our puppies out on Science Diet (on recommendation from vet), which was bad enough, as it caused her to shed profusely and itch all over, and I can't imagine how bad she'd be on Ol' Roy.
I've been ignorant at one time or another about certain foods, but I've never known anyone who considers Ol' Roy nutritious, even people that feed it, lol.

July 20th, 2006, 06:03 PM
When I got my dog Chelsea, Golden Retriever, given to me from a couple that were divorcing, he gave me his huge bag of Ol Roy.

When I got Chelsea home and examined, played with her, etc. I noticed that her stomach was almost purple.

I switched foods immediately and gave her the same as my other dogs and within 3-4 months that terrible colour that looked like her stomach had been burnt was gone and she's been fine ever since.

I can't believe people go to Wal-Mart to buy pet food! We always go to a real pet store to buy our food and rely more on what we see in the ingredients of the food there. I always tell friends who ask about food not to buy foods containing corn, etc. as the first ingredients.

July 20th, 2006, 07:12 PM
A vet once told me chicken by product has nothing to do with chicken meat.It means chicken beak,feathers,legs of the chicken!:yuck:

July 21st, 2006, 12:51 AM
lol no, it's not (according to US laws) beak and feathers. It's organs and things like that without any "added" feathers, beaks, etc, but what goes in accidentally is left in. It wouldn't be that bad, really, in theory but the problem arises because of the state the animals are in. If it was just dry organ meat from otherwise good chicken where they really do try to only get the meaty bits, that's one thing, but this is from the 4-D chickens (dead, dying, diseased, disabled) and you can bet whoever is handling those doesn't care much about missing beaks and feet and things....:yuck: This is not human grade chicken we're talking about.

July 21st, 2006, 12:53 AM
The dog food project defines by products as what is left once the usable meat has been taken already. You don't get it all.. You get what's left.. And often things like chicken hearts are removed for dog treats.. So even if like it says only can contain trace amounts of super nasty stuff.. It's still not exactly meat, since the good stuff is long gone.

Lot of people who push by products seem to think they are great because they include organs.. But it's select organs.. and none of the normal chicken involved in better food. Which is how they are sorely mistaken.

July 21st, 2006, 09:19 AM
chicken giblets, hearts & livers are removed for human consumption & sold not too cheap btw :rolleyes: some butchers sell the heart & liver attached together, you can also find them packaged seperately. IMO, the other stuff (stomach, intestines and their contents, bladder, etc) goes into by-product... you can bet your bottom dollar the feathers go in that mess, too.

anybody ever read the Dark Side of Rendering? you need a strong stomach to get through it - no pun intended :o

Golden Girls
July 21st, 2006, 09:53 AM
definately strong stomach required :yuck:

July 21st, 2006, 10:08 AM
I'm not brave enough to look at it!:sad:

July 21st, 2006, 10:11 AM
that's unbelievable Techno...I couldn't get through the whole thing :yuck:
I wonder if the people working in rendering plants become vegetarians ?!
My uncle worked in a slaughter house one summer, when he was a teenager, and never touched meat again!

July 21st, 2006, 01:33 PM
OMG !!! :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:

July 21st, 2006, 01:41 PM
now you all know what goes in "by-products" and "animal meal"... :o

July 21st, 2006, 02:58 PM
I don't find it gross as much as sad. It is so sad that we allow our animals to eat this stuff. :sad: And then they get things like mad cow from eating themselves and we kill them even more.:sad: Just sad.

If anybody was wondering what is in Ol' Roy that makes it so tasty to them (when having a dog or cat who finds it tasty is so embarrassing to us):
fats emptied from restaurant fryers and grease trapsmmmmm rancid fat.


In my mind, dogs are people too and we wouldn't wish this stuff on our own worst enemy.:sad:

July 25th, 2006, 10:14 PM
anybody in california want to apply for a job at a "commodities" plant? here you go!

:p totally kidding, of course :yuck:

i don't mean this to get morbid, so i shall post a warning here... just found this site and DO NOT look unless you are prepared to see the ugly truth about what happens to all those unwanted pets... actually if only we could force puppy mills, bybs, and ignorant people to work there for a week... maybe they would have a change of heart (if they have any). i hope i didn't offend anyone, please only look if you can take it. me, i'm going to hug my beanies now and love them even more. do they know how lucky they are? sigh.