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The kitten my aunt found has a permanent home

July 17th, 2006, 11:31 PM
My aunt/uncle got her spayed, all her shots done and had a chip in her ear. The little girl is known as Missy. She is 5months and still very skinny. Still hasn't gain any weight since my aunt found her. Now they let her roam free in the living-room but she can't go upstairs all by hershelf because Kari is up there and she spends all her time in the spare bedroom. She hates other cats and she would fight with any female. Her younger cat Molly wants to be friends with her but Missy doesn't want to be bother with her at all. At least they don't get in fight with each other. Both of them can live in the same room together but they are apart from eachother. Molly is a very jealous girl, doesn't like it when the kitten gets all the attention. Now she spend all day outside and doesn't hang with her mommy and daddy since the kitten is downstairs now. Three females can't live together, it will never work out. I'm glad it is a happy ending. Has anyone found/rescue a kitty from the street and kept him or her? Please reply. Thanks!

July 18th, 2006, 12:15 AM
I've only had 2 cats, both just showed up on our porch. Both were really terrific cats. I like to think they chose our home to go to for help. Both are gone now, but will be forever in our hearts. Good for you for finding a home for her.