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its almost midnight and zoe got a skunk

July 17th, 2006, 10:57 PM
hi everyone...........guess it is that time of year again and for a first time dog owner i guess u can say i have been initiated:yuck: i rushed to the store and bought the ingrediants for the recipe to remove skunk ( what an excellent remedy!!!!) but i have one there anyway to remove skunk from my wooden stairs????? the skunk got them a heck of alot better than it did the dog. i cant even open the door without gagging!!! and just to let everyone know zoe is doing alright except for skunky doggy breath and she will never think that a skunk is a kitty again ( i hope lol). just as a precaution i will talk to the vet tomorrow about it getting in her eyes and mouth( dont know if she had ahold of it or what ) she doesnt seem to be rubbing anymore after the tubby................once again thanks to all......this is a very informative website i would have never guessed to use the recipe!!!

July 18th, 2006, 12:11 AM
Oh, I have not so fond memories of the skunk in the middle of the night! We had 2 or 3 that for 1 summer made their 'prescents' known 2-3 times a week. UGH! might try the recipie on your porch as well...maybe scrub it in, then wait and rinse? Worth a try! And I do pray your baby learned the first time...I have one that really never did. Thankfully the skunks left...:D