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Spider infestation---question about kitten safety concerning extermination methods...

July 17th, 2006, 08:18 PM
I live in an apartment building that is 100+ years old and accept that there will be throwbacks such as bugs and dust etc. However, I also have Mr Kennedy who is now going on 8 weeks old. He is the typical curious bouncy nosey kitten.

The problem lies in that I have a spider problem. I think they might be a nest of young black widow (the look like the pictures, the webs are the same, and the sesame sized spiderlings have venom that drops centapides and big click-beetles--- :yuck: gross I know, but the nonspiders come out at night so i dont really see them unti they're dead) which have dispursed themselves around my apartment, under the cupboards and sink and airconditioner and bookshelf (there are more than 20 that i have counted). I need to get them exterminated, for the safety of myself, Charles and Mr Kennedy. MK has enough health issues that I dont want to invite trouble with having spiders like that everywhere. :mad:

What can I do to get rid of them, while insuring that the sprays will not hurt MK? He will investigate the farthest regions of the apt so he will get into a spray if they have it. I need to get rid of the spiders but also need to know if there is a way that will not harm MK? Help is much appreciated. I will also call the vet tomorrow to seek her opinion..


Caity and Mr Kennedy:pawprint:

July 17th, 2006, 10:35 PM
Depending on your apartments regulations, you may be able to use some type of bug/flea fogger (bomb). I have used these before, and they seem to be effective in killing the spiders also. You do have to remove you and the animals (and cover dishes) while they are going off, and while the place airs out, once it airs out good, vacuum/mop and wipe down counter tops where kitty is likely to go. It is a pain getting everything covered/uncovered and wiped down, but I end up doing this about once a year, and have had no problems. Good luck!:fingerscr