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dog eating pine cones- poision Q

January 20th, 2004, 03:05 PM
well i really have a strange dog. my girl is 8yo and has always eaten alot of veges and fruit, we grow alot out the back and she just helps herself, especially to strawberries, passion fruits, parsley (well almost everything) this has always worked. well recently we have had alot of black cockatoos in the yard stripping the pine cones of the trees, they seem to retrieve a seed from the cone and drop the rest of the cone almost intact. over the past week my girl charlie has been out watching the goings on of these birds (she got hit on the head by a pine cone and i swear you could see the birds laughing). so last night i went out to see what she was doing and here she is eating a pine cone (what a fool), I cannot smell anything in the cone, it seems to have little scent. my first question is this- do you think she can be poisioned by the cones?? i have collected all the cones out the back and am hoping she only ate a bit of the one she had. she seems fine today, usual self.
my secound Q- do you think she is doing this because she saw the birds eating them and just figured she might try it out?? she tries to eat most things if she thinks it is fruit and veges (the girl loooves food) so it was suggested yesterday that she may just be copying the birds, she will also eat anything if she sees me eating it so i am inclined to think she is copying. oh i have a strange one here, what do you think?? :D

January 20th, 2004, 03:31 PM
It is possible that she might be copying the birds. Dogs are very smart. I don't think the cones would be poisonous, but what kind are they? You could look it up on the internet and try find out.:) Where do you live? Its winter here so no black cockatoos for us. Black cockatoos sound like jungle area.

January 20th, 2004, 03:46 PM
we live in an open woodland area 2hrs south of sydney, Australia, so no jungle (i wish) and it is middle summer so lots of birds feeding on flowers and seeds everywhere. unfortunatly my plant identification skills only relate to native species but it is definatly exotic. i was going to take a branch of it to the local plant nursary when they open to see if they know what it is. I certainly agree and am inclined to think she is copying the birds also, she watches them very closely, hey its her life work, her career. well i doubt they have poisioned her as she is her normal happy self but i have collected all cones and told her not to do it (well that isnt likely to work is it;) ). but it is lovely to have the birds in the yard, charlie tries to chase them but she is a little slow these days and i really think the birds find it quite amusing, they sit there and only move when she get really close, otherwise they ignore her. thanks for your reply.:D

January 21st, 2004, 12:48 AM
Ha! I've never heard of a pine cone eating dog, yours is an odd one alright! :) I'm glad my dogs don't try copying the birds, I'd have three Rottweilers scrambling up the bird feeders. :D

My local nursery was very helpful when I was trying to identify some horrible invasive weeds, so I'd bet yours can help out.

Wish we had black cockatoos's snowy winter & a deep freeze now. I put seeds & suet out for the birds all winter; and we have a lovely pair of cardinals every year, and lots of winter visitors. I keep a bird book in the kitchen so I can identify them. My dogs don't chase the birds, but have killed a number of unfortunate squirrels, at least one possum, one rabbit, and two groundhogs silly enough to get into the yard. :(

January 21st, 2004, 10:38 AM
Wow Melanie,black cockatoos and passion-fruit!!!Lucky you!!!
I get excited just seeing finches at my feeders:-)and watching the hawk circling in the sky..
I have a cat(Vinnie) who climbs the tree to get to the suet put out for the birds. Since I am out in the snow with my cats,I watch and make sure it does not happen,,,he'll even nibble on the corncobs I have for the squirrels..So far pine-cones is not to his liking...

January 21st, 2004, 01:17 PM
You know Melanie the cones just smell 'nutty' and some dogs like that scent!

My dog Rusty was a little odd with finding things to eat as well.
He would actually sniff out and pick the ripest tomato on the vine in our garden and eat them! NOT KIDDING
And he'd wait under the apple tree for crab apples to fall, sniff out the ripest reddest one and chomp away. He was so silly! Got some bad farts sometimes hahaha!

January 21st, 2004, 03:11 PM
oh i am sooo lucky and i know it, we have had alot of rare species in our yard lately, we are in the middle of a pretty bad drought (just gone into 3rd year straight) and the birds are looking for food, in a wetter year i may not be so lucky. i went to the nursary and they say it is a non toxic species but im still not going to let her eat them, it is just a little to weird. she has to be coppying the birds, she doesnt generally go and eat trees (not yet anyway). but doesnt it kill you luba when they get that rip tomato, or the strawberries you have been waiting for, or eat every piece of parsley in the garden (even roots) or they get your capsicums, but we do have to peel the gooseberries for her. and yes even though i couldnt smell it the cone must smell of nuts, she will eat anything she thinks is food. oh carina, what charlie would do to be able to catch something, she does try but as yet no bunnies, they see her coming a mile away, but she is getting old so she is pretty slow and noisy oh she would kill to get a sniff of a cat. oh and truly the most disgusting farts sometimes, esp after cauliflower yuck:p :p thanks for your replies:D