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Pet Cemetery in Vancouver, B.C. ???

January 18th, 2004, 08:43 PM
Hi there,
Can anyone tell me where if any?
I can't seem to find info on it.

I just put down my rabbit today and I need to let the Vet know by tomorrow.

Any help is appreciated.


January 18th, 2004, 08:58 PM
Sorry for the loss of your dear friend

You can look here for what is nearest to you

January 19th, 2004, 10:58 AM
Sorry for your loss.

I would think that there should be a pet cemetary there. I will try and help you. I'll look and see if I can locate one (I don't live there, i live in PA).

Or, did you go to the site tha luba gave you? Did you find anything?

January 19th, 2004, 03:12 PM
Yes I did check the site out. I found a place and will call in to find out more info. I was hoping to find somewhere closer.

Thanks guys for ur help.