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3rd cat - Good idea?

July 12th, 2006, 06:26 AM
Some of you may know from my previous post I got a four year old Persian from the shelter last fall. It took a long time to solialize him with my female 14 year old Calico. In the beginning he was aggressive but now he doesn't show much aggression. He just likes to play rough. When he tries to play with Kali (my female cat) he scares and annoys her with his rough play. When she gets really annoyed and runs off, he looks confused. There is such an age difference between the two and he's full of energy. I try spending time playing with him and taking him outside. Unfortunately this takes time away from Kali and I don't have much time left in the day to spend with her. I used to have a male Himalayan cat who died last year. That was her companion. The two were always company for eachother. They slept together all the time.

So I've been considering getting another male Himalayan cat. A kitten actually and male because Kali will not accept another female. I thought a kitten would be better to introduce to two adult cats. However, I'm not making any rash move. I've been thinking about it for awhile and would appreciate everyone's input on it. My male cat, Simba has this bad habit of spraying in his litter. I'm just thankful it's in the litter box and nowhere else , but am concerned that a new cat might make him start spraying everywhere else. Then on the other hand a kitten make take away even more of my time with Kali and she might have TWO male cats bugging her instead of them playing together.

How has everyone else made out when they add a cat to the bunch and they've got a senoir cat in the bunch? Thanks.

July 12th, 2006, 07:47 AM
Snookys Mom..
I've introduced a male kitten to my 2 mature males,it's the same procedure as if you would introduce a new mature cat,just takes a little less time.
On the other hand,just beacause your Calico was close to one Himalayan,does not mean she will feel close to another one.
I don't think the fact Kali is"middleaged"makes any difference..
One of my cats(Chico)does still not like the newcomer(Vinnie),but there are no cat-fights,just the occasional hissing and Chico being a cuddle-bug,makes sure he gets his share of attention:D
As for your male spraying,I have one of those too(Rocky),if you get another kitten make sure you have a couple of extra litter-boxes.
Depending on how your male reacts to the kitten,there is a vauge possibility he might start marking his territory,but it's a chance I would take..
I would not allow your male to scare Kali with, rough play if she is not a willing participant.My Vinnie playfights with Rocky,but all I need to do is say"Vinnie,no!!"and he stops,if things get out of hand.