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vomitting dog

July 10th, 2006, 11:33 PM
good day..

i just wanna ask something about my dog.. because this morning, my dog vomitted.. and her 1st vomit was the food she ate last night (rice).. and the other vomit is just like water with bubbles.. it's like she's acidic.. what do i need to do? i know i have to take her to a vet but i dont have money for the expenses.. so i need to know some home medications.. can you help me with some home medications? what is the best substitute for dextrose that i will give her to drink? she doesnt look like she's sick.. i gave her milk and she drank it all.. i already gave her lunch meal and she ate it all.. please help me..

this happened a lot of times already but they said that it's normal for a dog to vomit.. they said that ill just have to observe.. and she looks ok.. i just want to know what to give her in substitute for the food that she throw up.. (like dextrose) coz i remember when i brought her before to the vet when she was sick, the vet told me something about the substitute for dextrose but i cant remember.. what i remember is the egg and the boiling water in a rice.. is there anything else?

and she just gave birth 3 weeks ago to 6 beautiful puppies..

and also she doesnt want to eat dog food.. so what's the best substitute for dog food that is also nutritious and healthy for my dog? thank you very much.. ill wait for your response..

White Wolf
July 10th, 2006, 11:35 PM
As stated in the title of this forum:
If your pet is vomiting, bleeding, has diarrhea etc. seek vet care.
We cannot diagnose pets over the internet and we do not allow people to post self-medication advice. Your dog needs a vet and being that she is already in a weakened state, she needs one very soon.

Please do not wait for advice. Go to the vet.

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