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Nervous New Comer.."Worried About My Cat Sly"

July 10th, 2006, 01:42 PM
Hi Out There!! It's My First Time Ever!! On A Chat,
Hope I'm Doing It Right?
I'm A Cat Owner, But Loves All Kinds Of Animals. Had Many Kinds Of Animals Over The Years, But Right Now I Have A Cat That I Worried About. My Vet Is At A Lost! So Here I'm Am Trying To Search For Help With My Cat Sly Who's Only 10 Years Old 11 In Sept, 2006.
Who's Having Problems Walking On His Back Paws. I Have Read Some Of The Articles And A Read One On Dimpiz Which Has A Cat Name Fritz Who Is Also Blak & White Just Like My Cat Sly!!!!! Who Has Sort Of The Same Problem, But My Cat Is Much Older! Poor Sly Also Has The Early Stages Of Renal Failure, But My Vet Is Stump About Sly Not Walking On His Back Paws. When The Vet Phones Me I'm Going To ask her if it could be any of The Things That I Read About With Some Other Cats With Simular Problems Like useing Febreeze, Swiffer, Air Freshner, Cat Litter. I Was Wondering If Anyone Has Any More Info On Cats Who Can't Walk On Back Paws? I Would Be Happy To Read Any Info. On This Problem I'm Despaired And So Worried About My Cat Who I Love So So Much And I Think He A Angle From God! I'm At A Lost Too!! I Want To Try Everything To Help My Cat. So When My Vet Calls Me I Can ask her To See If This May be the cause so we can help sly. Help Us Find Out What Wrong With Sly. Looking For Anybody Help Re Info. About Cats Who Can't Walk On Back Paws!!!!

P.s. Also Wounding On A Article That I Read Which name Is Dimpiz Re- Cat Name Fritz. How Is Fritz Doing. I Hope Everything Is Ok? Anything New on Fritz? From .......Me........

July 10th, 2006, 03:48 PM
Casperhood,your post would be easier to read,if you did not use caps on every word.
I can sense how understandably desperate you are about your cat Sly,but unfortunately I have no answers for you.
If the vet you have now,does not have any answers,I would suggest another vet or your vet could recommend someone,who are more specialized.
I am assuming x-rays have been taken,to eliminate any broken bones,from an encounter with a car or being kicked by someone,that is if he goes outside on his own.:sad:
Maybe someone else can give you better advice,I've had cats most of my life and luckily I never experienced this problem with any of mine,but I wish you and Sly all the best and keeping :fingerscr for a quick recovery.
Please keep us posted!

July 10th, 2006, 11:48 PM
Welcome to the board! (I agree with chico- writing in caps means you're yelling...)

For the kitty, have neurological issues been tested? I mean, has your vet suggested you see a neurologist?