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Average time attending to your dog?

July 9th, 2006, 02:45 PM
What's your guess on the average amount of time dog owners spend taking care of their dog...including walking, elimination breaks, training, grooming, playing etc. ?

How much time do you spend daily?

My dog is so bratty & has so many issues that between my husband & I, we spend about 6 hours a day trying to get him to be a good dog. Some of it doesn't seem like work (when he's a good sweet boy) but most of it does...when he is being his usual self.:rolleyes:

July 9th, 2006, 02:51 PM
hmm, depends on the day... If I play with them all day, the next day, they're a little bit forgiving (and tired). I would say in all, between the walking and feeding and things, maybe... 3 or 4 hours? Like 2 or 3 hours outside and things and 1 hour for everything else.

But some days, like days I go to my dad's cottage, it's a full day of them. We drive 1.5 hours, swim them for 2-3 hours, take a break and then come home.

And other times, like when they're sick, it's all day too. Clean the puke/diarrhea/etc all night, go to the vet, come home, make sure he/she is breathing while they rest from the vet, clean up some more, cuddle a bit, clean again, go for a slow walk, come back, clean some more, etc etc... lol

So basically, a lot of time.:)

July 9th, 2006, 03:46 PM
My situation is a little more complicated as I have 3 dawgs who can't all walk together (1 uber-alpha bossy & jealous grrrrl and 1 who is no longer able to walk long distances/ play). So Monday to Friday they get 7-8-9 hours a day from me (yes that is seven-eight to nine - I just "did the math") + 1 hour with a walker. It depends on what I have going during the week. I might shorten a walk and take them to play ball which is more physically demanding hence less time consuming. Weekends they'll get a little more or about the same except the time is more concentrated ie. 4 hour jaunts/swims instead of a couple of 1 1/2 hour walks. Feeding takes about an hour a day as two of them sometimes have to be coaxed to eat and one of them will eat everyone else's food if not watched like a hawk. As for grooming time - I wish I would spend a little more time grooming frankly. "Lovin' up" time - is anytime I happen to be caught sitting on the couch. Speaking of walkies - it's that time again. :thumbs up

July 9th, 2006, 05:48 PM
This really factoring into my decision when adopting, my eskie is older now so some of her energy has tapered off, I am single, a grandmother of 2, I work fulltime in a factory so burned out physically especially in the summer when working in 90+ temperatures, I have my own home and all the works the goes with taking care of it, so the amount I can dedicate to my pets in limited so I wanted dog that was low energy, low grooming needs, was not demanding for attention, and is laidback.

So did my research, and chose to adopt retired greyhounds, they are true couch potatoes that love to sleep, generally they spent 18 to 20 hours sleeping, they are short distance sprinters not marathon runners, so can wear themselves out with a 2 minutes run in the yard, if I did not have a yard 2 15 minute and one 1/2 hour walk is enough to wear them out(the average adult) a one or 2 year old will need more) they typically shed twice a year so a couple brushing a week can control the loose hair, they do not have oily skin so 2 to 4 baths a year is all that is needed. So even with fostering and having 4 dogs in the house I could could complete walks care, feeding and grooming if needed, including some training of the foster greyhound in about an hour to hour and a half a day. They tend to amuse themselves with toys or running in the yard, they are not demanding for attention, will come up to you and lean you for a pet once in a while, the do tend to stay close finding a spot near you to sleep and if you move they move and follow you around. It is a totally different experience owning greyhound, comparing to owning hound breeds and labs and adding more to the family becomes very very easy, the really additional work comes with the time spent on filling bowels and poop patrol, something most other breed owner could not fathom doing they see one or 2 being more than enough in one house
To prove how easy, here are some of the signature pics from a forum for greyhound owners

I would like to adopt 2 to round my pack but more unfortunately the city bylaw limits me to 3

July 9th, 2006, 06:29 PM
I think I spend about 5 hours a day taking care of the dogs.
About 4 of that is walking them, about 1/2 hour making their food and another 1/2 hour playing in the house, picking up their toys, etc.
Then ofcourse there's the the hours we spend lounging around and rubbing their bellies, because they must be on top of you at all times, but I don't think that really counts...