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New to this group today

July 8th, 2006, 10:36 AM
I have visited this board many times in the past looking at the pets available and decided to join. I know in the next while I will be looking for another dog as my two are getting on in ages, they are both now 12.

My first dog years ago was a dalmatian, Max, who was a terrific pet. I had him from the time he was 3 months of age until the age of 12. Stubborn yet so loving, I will never ever forget my baby.

Patch, a collie/shepherd mix, came to us through an animal shelter when we were looking for a friend for Max 10 years ago. Chelsea, golden retriever, came to us through a divorce that a couple were going through and they were searching for a home to place her in.

My cat, Aminnou, came to us by way of her pregnant mother that someone dropped off in our yard at the end of the summer season in September 3 years ago. We fed the mother and knew that we would want to find homes for the kittens when they were born. At the time and years prior, I had always been very allergic to cats and suffer from asthma. When the kittens were found under a shed on our property my husband even went to far as to take the door off the shed and cut a hole in the door so that the mother could go in and out of the shed to feed the kittens (it was already October by that time). When it got colder in November, we brought the 4 kittens into the house and placed them in the basement since the mother abandoned them and we never saw her again. We were always feeding them and a friend wanted to see them as she had just lost 2 of her elderly cats due to age. Well she picked three of the kittens; 2 for herself and one for her daughter and we were left with the one that appears in my picture. I have no idea how we were able to keep these and also keep Aminnou all of these years as it seems that my allergy has completely disappeared. He has become a real part of the family and is often with my golden.

I am not yet sure as to what breed, I may be looking for in the future, but would love to find out more from anyone that has past experience with Airedales. They seem to be a very elegant and yet have the qualities of being a good watchdog. Something that my current dogs are not at all!

I look forward to my visits and chats with all of you. :pawprint:


July 8th, 2006, 12:35 PM
:sorry: But I don't have any experience with Airedales,I am sure you can find someone on this forum who will though:) I do have senior animals as well, so I know what you are going through at that end. I just wanted to say Hi and Welcome hope you enjoy the threads as much as the rest of us seem too:D Allergies are a funny thing some people grow into them and some grow out, some are okay with just their pets, this I know very well as we are a allergy/asthma home, look forward to chatting sometime:pawprint:

July 8th, 2006, 12:52 PM
Hi fellow quebecer!Where do you live in Outaouais?An ex coworker has a Airdale.She told me they are hard to train (stubborn/dominant) and don't do well with other pets but that's her dog,doesn't mean they all are.I'm with a golden rescue so if you are interested about getting another golden,or any breed,I could help.We also would like to see any pictures of your pets :)

July 8th, 2006, 01:07 PM
Thanks for the replies. I will post some of my pets pictures up sometime soon.

I live in L'Ange Gardien, a small municipality about an hour away from Ottawa where both my husband and I work. We love it out here but feel sorry that we are now going to have a neighbour. We are in a very quiet area with over an acre of land and it was very peaceful until the neighbour that bought the lot next to us started cutting down trees last weekend and is going to build there.

Oh well, we still have lots of room for our pets outside. In fact, this week I'll be once again babysitting my friend's Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. He was with us 2 weeks ago for a week while they were gone camping and he is coming back to us for another 3 weeks while they go abroad. I guess we did a great job and he loved it here playing with my pets. :pawprint:

I would love another golden and have not decided on anything specific yet but it does break my heart that our pets can't be with us until the end of our days. It took a week when I lost my dalmatian to get back to any type of normalcy.

I hope I get to chat with all of you sometime soon and share stories, etc.

Thanks for the warm welcome.


July 8th, 2006, 03:04 PM
we had an airedale from pup and he was not that hard to train just stubborn. you do have to be alpha . the only animal our first airedale buddy hated was cats. never had any trouble with bringing in a second dog, a degu(rodent) or people visiting with their dogs. a year and half after we had to put down buddy we adopted beau, another airedale. he is a little more difficult with stealing things, but he is quite smart and is learning are rules. he is a total clown and somewhat different in personality. beau is more family dog so if he won't listen he won't listen to anyone. he thinks he is lap dog and very loving with everyone. he thinks everyone should love him. as far as being good guard dogs neither seemed to gaurd, but there bark and size scare strangers off. if you want to know anything else just ask.

July 9th, 2006, 08:24 AM
Welcome koalat, I'm sure you will find all kinds of great information on this site that will come in handy, as I have. My uncle was looking for an airedale this pass winter and we found a wonderful rescue in the states that does adopt and transport dogs to all areas in Canada. They have a great website The site will give you plenty of info. on this breed, both positive and negative and their volunteers are really helpfull with all of your questions. Good luck and again, welcome!