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Hi from BC

July 3rd, 2006, 06:30 AM
Am happy to have joined this forum and look forward to lots of learning and sharing.
I worked at the local shelter for a year, until it got to be too much, with my other job, so had to quit, but still volunteer when I have time and need furry companionship.
I fostered cats while working there, but couldn't bear to take any of them back and put them in cages again, so had to stop husband said one more cat and he'd have to move out! Had 10 cats at one point.
Lovey is a white/calico point Siamese cross, who my daughter adopted, but am keeping her here until daughter and husband live somewhere where they can have all 4 of their cats - only allowed two currently. Lovey was so attached to her Mom, a pure Himalayan, that she wouldn't stop sitting on her long enough to eat, so wasn't thriving. They were brought to the shelter by someone who found them locked in a shed. Both were very sick, dirty, and starving, but treated at the vet's and recovered well. When her mom got adopted, I brought Lovey home to feed her up and she is now chubby and happy, and so sweet.
Muffin is a Torty who was mistakenly thought to be feral, so was put in a cage with other ferals. When we realized she wasn't feral, I brought her home to socialize her more. She is also my daughter's, and has grown to be a beautiful, loving girl.
Duffer was found by some kids in a local gravel pit and rescued before the coyotes could get him. They thought he was a squirrel because he jumped like one. He was tiny, thin, one big purr, but not thriving, so brought him home to feed him up. My daughter fell in love with him, too, as these three lived in her room when they were tiny. He is now fat and sassy, a lovely guy, and living with my daughter.
Cougar is a beautiful tabby fellow, who was surrendered. He was depressed, shy, and missing a lot of fur in various places, also thin. Fell in love with him and he is now my boy, who is perky, looking lovely again, and quite a talker. He's about ten now.
Friday and Little One were from the same litter, surrendered at the shelter unweaned and sick. Little One was very sick and we didn't think he'd make it, so I asked if I could take him home and give him some special care. I brought Friday too, as he was Little One's 'Man Friday', sleeping with him, washing him from tip to tail several times a day, and comforting him. Little One got better and they are a lovely pair, both very affectionate, as they were hand fed and handled so much when tiny. About that time, the kitty who lived at the Care Home where I work, and who always seemed to get out at night, finally fell prey to the coyotes, so I took Little One and Friday to the home. They have settled in very well and the Residents love them, especially one lady who is almost blind, and stone deaf, and who can't take part in many activities for these reasons. Little One, who doesn't like to go out, spends most of his time in her room, cuddling, playing, and laying on her bed. Friday goes out for a few hours during the day and, when we bring him in, heads right for her room. We keep treats in her drawer for them and she loves to feed them. They sleep with her quite often, when they aren't roaring up and down the corridors, chasing their catnip mice. They are so therapeutic for our residents, very well loved, and I have the benefit of still seeing them when I'm at work. They've been there for two years now.
Archie is a lovely pale ginger cat, about three, who was brought into the shelter with injured back feet...looked like someone had tried to do a home neuter job on him and tied him by the feet, and he got away, which probably saved his life. He got tired of us dressing his feet every day, so opted to live under the tub in the dog grooming room, and wouldn't come out. We put his litter and food under there for him and spent many hours laying with our heads in the cupboard trying to coax him out. He would purr and rub his head against our hands, but didn't come out until his feet were healed. The vet had had to amputate a couple of his toes. As he had never been litter trained, I had made arrangements to have him be a 'fed' barn cat but, while keeping him at home until the family came back from vacation, fell in love with him and found a way around the litter problem, so kept him. Couldn't bear for him to have an outside life and a short one as a result, but that's the only choice the shelter has for the cats who won't use litter, as they are considered unadoptable. Fortunately, our shelter has a 'no kill' policy, and only the very ill or true ferals who people have trapped and brought in, and are not attached to a colony, are ever put down. They neuter and spay all cats and dogs before adopting them out. Archie is so affectionate, and a real little boy. He decided that the puppy's pee paper was good enough to use, and that solved the problem.
My other two cats came from a pet store; Teddy, a little female tabby, and Kirby, a grey longhaired fellow. They are now about four, and fast buddies.
All are fixed and all are indoor cats except Teddy and Kirby, who go out only during daylight hours. We have acreage, and they stay around well, always coming to being called or whistling.
We also have Murphy, a year and a half Bassett Hound. He is wonderful, so loving and faithful, and is starting to listen and obey well. He belongs to my son, who will soon be living on acreage and will be able to take him there. I will miss him more than I want to think about.
My old mama dog, who we adopted from the shelter when she was three, was pregnant when we got her and had five beautiful pups (Akita/chow/Collie mix). We kept two and found good homes for the other three. My girlie died last fall at age 14, and I still long for her and look forward to having her and her pups for eternity when I get to Rainbow Bridge on my journey. One pup that we kept got cancer at age 5, the other at age 8, and both had to be put down. The eight year old died just a few days after Haley, the mom, so it was a hard time. A few days later, my old kittie, Monty, who I had had since a kitten, died at the age of 16. It was a sad time. At least, having acreage, we have all our pets who have died close to us here, all buried on our land.
We plan to adopt two more older dogs from the shelter as soon as we get a new fence up for outdoor playtime. We never had bears, cougars or coyotes on the property (that we knew of) while we had Haley and the pups, but have had bears and coyotes this year, and some cougar sightings nearby, so will be glad to have some big dogs again. All the dogs in the area bark when there are wild animals around, which keeps the wild ones from coming too close.
We also have a pony, Misty, and a miniature horse, Cutey, who are my husbands little pets. He gets much joy from them and they are part of the family, full of pep and contented to just be loved. They are both 15 now and we've had them since they were three.
Hope I haven't bored anyone. Just love talking about all my babies - sorry!
Look forward to getting to know everyone else's too.
Take care, all.
Bid :ca:

July 3rd, 2006, 09:29 AM
Hi and Welcome, WOW it sure does sound like you have your hands in a bunch of different pots helping all those animals, working, and volunteering keeps you very,very busy:highfive: Your fur-family sounds just wonderful, as you know pics are always welcome, hope you have tons of tips and ideas to offer on this forum, look forward to chatting with you sometime :pawprint:

July 5th, 2006, 04:18 AM
Thanks, Libby! I too look forward to chatting and sharing.

July 5th, 2006, 01:35 PM
Hello and welcome to you! It was wonderful to read how you have helped these furry angels, kudos to you for the great things you've done for them.:highfive:

Hope you enjoy the site.. please feel free to post pics of your little sweeties.

July 5th, 2006, 05:17 PM
Hi Bid,

Welcome Wow that is quite the clan you have there. I am also from BC the Okanagan where are you? :D