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Update on the kitty my aunt found

July 2nd, 2006, 12:58 AM
Today, I saw my aunt/uncle little brn tabby girl they resuce. She is very cute, has alittle bit of spots on her. Very light and small, doesn't weigh much. Might only be 5-6mos old. Still has to put some more weight on. Right now they are keeping her in the bedroom.They have 2 other females cat, the oldest girl kari is 11 years hates another cats especially female. The little girl doesn't seem to like any other cats around. She is a funny kitty, can get nasty at times. Doesn't like too much handling. Gets very agited around other kitties. I think she is semi feral. My uncle had to use the gloves to put the collar on her. She was getting nasty with him so he gave up on the idea trying to put the leash and the collar on her. Is a very smart kitty, knows how to survive outside. She is scared of the traffic and wouldn't go on the road. Knows how to get down from a tree. I think her Molly feel comfortable around her and can't settle down knowing that she is in the same room as her. The little girl has to stay in the room by herself and they do let her outside with her leash on. My aunt might no keep her but she is going to get her spayed and all her vaccinaton. Decide from there and to see if it works out and to see if they get along together. My opinion is that better off taking her to the Humane Society. Lot of people are looking for kittens and she would a home without any kitties. Do you guys think three female will get along good together? Any advice will be appeciated?

July 2nd, 2006, 02:08 AM
If you take her to the SPCA, they will very likely put her down, since she is semi-feral and they would be afraid of her biting someone. Even no-kill shelters have to be realistic about a kitten's chances of getting adopted.

Integrating her with two other females might be challenging but if it is done very very slowly (over weeks, not days), there is no reason it can't work out. Do not allow the other cats to see her for now.

You have brought her into a completely alien environment, so I'm not surprised she's biting. Do NOT put her in a collar and leash or take her outside, far too stressful.

Always let her make the first move, don't grab or startle her. The best thing is just to sit with her several times a day, talk in a quiet voice, maybe leave a radio on low for company. Gradually you will gain her trust.

The sooner she sees a vet the better. If she is already pregnant (at 5-6 months a definite possibility), I hope your aunt will have the pregnancy terminated.

July 2nd, 2006, 11:05 AM
No the Humane Society won't put her down. If she is feral they would spay her then release in the wild where she was found. That way she would get pregnant and have all these kittens. If the little girl is just semi feral the feline service that they have at the Humane society will work with and socialize the little kitty in another room. I don't think she is pregnant, too skinny to be. My aunt is going to get her spayed and all her shots. She is going to try to see if she gets along with her cats. But if it doesn't work then she would have to bring her to the humane society. The little girl will probably adopted faster because she is already spayed. I don't think the kitty likes any other cats. For one cat family. Do you think she will calm down after she has been spayed? Any advice? Thanks!!

July 2nd, 2006, 11:51 AM
It's good to know your HS works with ferals. Still, if you give her up, I'd ask them to contact you if for some reason they decide to put her down. I once took a cat to the SPCA here in Montreal and they agreed to contact me if she was at risk. Two days later they called. Within 48 hours of arriving at the SPCA she had caught a URI and was marked with an X. So get a paper.

Most cats living outside are wary of other cats. That's their default mode. They are in competition for everything. So don't expect the new kitty to get over her fear of other cats anytime soon. With calm persistence you can win her trust but it will take time.

Spaying will certainly help. I wonder if she is in heat. Have you noticed any signs?

July 2nd, 2006, 12:25 PM
There are no sign of her in heat, my aunt/uncle are keeping her in there bedroom away from the other cats.