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Dog cough & occasional vomiting.

June 30th, 2006, 11:00 AM
My 16 year old daughter has recently started coughing :yuck: and it seems to be getting worse it went from a small to a deep chesty sounding cough. She has never been boarded and has not been around any other dogs for quite some time. So I don't think its KC. :rolleyes: What can it be?

Also if she gets real excited or upset :eek: she will upchuck a little yellow stuff. I don't know if this is normal or not :( . Its not often and its usually when someone that she loves (my mother) has come to see her, or I have been gone for a little ,or if my boyfriend and I argue.

I am unemployed :sad: right now but if I need to take her to the vet I like most anyone in this forum will sell something anything to take care of my little girl :queen:.


June 30th, 2006, 12:15 PM
At her age, breathing issues could be anything... Sometimes even heart failure shows up as respiratory trouble (don't mean to scare you). I don't know what we could suggest other than to go to the vet...

Normally kennel cough is followed by a sort of gagging up of white foam, not yellow (which is probably bile). So I agree it's probably not kennel cough... But I don't know what it is.

June 30th, 2006, 03:15 PM
Thanks for your reply. I don't know what to do. I have been looking for a job now for 3 months. Can anyone help me find the resources to take her to the vet. I live in Edgewater Florida.

I have always taken her to the vet 2 times a year but my funding is now very low. I don't know what to do and this is breaking my heart. I can't have kids so she is my daughter.:sad:

I would give my life for her. Sorry can't quit crying right now. I don't have anything I can sell quick enough to get her to a vet. She is my :angel: and I love her more than life itself.


jesse's mommy
June 30th, 2006, 03:22 PM
Can you call in favors from family or friends? Have you asked your vet if you can have payment plans?

June 30th, 2006, 03:42 PM
I will ask my parents. I will see if they will do this for my birthday present.
Thank god they are coming down tommorow.

I just hate to ask for anything else. I was in a bad wreck and I'm still
recovering from. I'm living in their house and they are paying all the bill's
except my food.

I'm looking out for their home until they retire this next year.
My boyfriend is treating me like S--t and I'm fixing to kick him out.
He's living here and doing the yard work & painting a fence for them
but he feels like he's paying his part.

I don't agree. So I wouldn't ask him for a dime. I feel like he is using us.
I'm trying to get unemployment but my last job that I worked for 7 years
for is trying to get out of it.


June 30th, 2006, 04:57 PM
Some vets will take payments thru carecredit, the details on how it works is in the link

use this site select under profession "veterinarian" and then enter you zipcode to see if there is a vet near you that accepts carecredit

July 11th, 2006, 03:28 PM
I'm happy to say that my mother has stepped up to help
me get Sandy to the vet. My aunt gave me $20.00 and I
happend to find $20.00 when shopping with my mother &

It cost me $179.00 but she's now on Clavamox for the next
two weeks. The doctor still doesn't know what it is but said
it may be bronchitis. Since I had the money I had her rabies,
distemper,parvo,corona, & heartworm updated as well.

She wants to see her in two weeks and if the antibotic doesn't
work she wants to have an x-ray or other possible test's.

She did state that Sandy is in :) excellent health. Her coat bright
& shiny, Eyes bright & clear, Ears clean & odor free, nose,throat,
& lymph glands all in good order, slight tartar on her teeth, Heart
normal rhythm, abdomen-normal nonpainful, urogential system is
normal-nonpainful,anal sacs empty/normal, legs,joints,& paws normal-
nonpainful, & neurological behavioral are normal & responsive.

She is slightly overweight but she's been on a diet until my grandma
came down for a week. Now that she's gone back to the diet full force.
I have C.E.T oral hygiene rinse to take care of the tartar.

I will report back to you when I take her back to the vet in two weeks.
Please pray for her that the clavamox will do the trick. Her mother lived
to be 23 years old. I would loved to be blessed to have her another 8 years.

I wanted to thank you for the info you gave me on getting vet help as I will
probably need it in the future.


I have a job interview for this Thursday with
the City of Deland. Please pray for me :thumbs up that I
can get this job to take care of us.

jesse's mommy
July 11th, 2006, 04:02 PM
I'm so glad you were able to get to the vet. That's so wonderful that your family helped out.

As for the job, good luck. :fingerscr I just drove through Deland last weekend on my way to Daytona. ;)

July 11th, 2006, 10:15 PM
Good luck with the job and kudos for bringing this doggy to the vet despite everything. I hope the drugs work.

Btw, I've seen a couple of dogs that looked like yours live on past 18, so maybe it's something in that look that makes them live forever.