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I am proud of my boy

June 29th, 2006, 09:52 PM
Today the most awesome thing happened. Harley showed self constraint with a 6 yr old autistic child. I put Harley at a sit stay as this little boy was walking near him, mother in tow of course. Normally Harley gets really excited around kids, he forgets his size. Anyways the mother asked if he could pet him, I said of course, but he may get alittle overly excited.
To my surprise, Harley just sat there allowing this boy to pet him. Then what happens, Harley lies down on his back for a belly rub. He has never been that calm with kids other than with my daughter. I am so proud, it is as if he knew That child had a disability.
Also I was very proud of the boys mom who actually asked first. Because normally I see kids with there parents, and the kids just try to pet him. Of course I walk away and say no you may not pet him. I may be a snob, but these kids must learn not all dogs are friendly.
So when we got home, Harley got to watch his favorite movie. Finding nemo ( he attacks poor nemo), and a nice fresh raw meat bone.

June 29th, 2006, 10:05 PM
oh! that is so heartwarming! :grouphug: to you harley!! i truly believe that some dogs are unusually tuned into "special" people in ways that we cannot explain. it's like they just "know". dakotah showed us this when he was a few months old, he never really cared for kids, was mostly interested in sniffing every foot of sidewalk on our walks... we came across an autistic child in a wheelchair and dakotah just melted all over him. laid his head on the child's lap and gently kissed his hands. we couldn't believe it. don't you just love dogs? :angel:

June 29th, 2006, 10:09 PM
Harley amazes me everyday. There is always something he does to surprise me. He is by far the most in tune dog I have ever had.

June 29th, 2006, 10:16 PM
I have a personal rule with my son (5 1/2) about approaching dogs. He MUST ask permission of me and who ever is handling the dog. It amazes me how many parents don't pay attention to their child as they run up to a dog they have never met. Harley will melt for attention...but still, how do you not worry about your wee ones??

June 29th, 2006, 10:16 PM
i can't wait to meet him, seriously!! i looove rotties and he sounds amazing :love: now, can we please have a photo? :p

June 29th, 2006, 10:28 PM
Good boy Harley! One thing I have noticed is many dogs tend to be able to tell when a child or adult is disabled and will adjust their behaviour accordingly it is really amazing how intuned they can be. When I had the flu all 3 of mine were on thier best behaviour and there was no demanding for attention, not even a peep when I slept way past their supper hour, normally I would have them barking at me to let me know it is suppertime, my shy giirl was the most amazing, she stuck by me like a mother hen.

June 30th, 2006, 07:43 AM
Charley also does that, modifies his behaviour without being asked when the situation warrants it. He'll pay special attentin to, and be very calm around anyone with a disability, an older person who isn't very mobile or someone who is sick. There's a seniors residence around the corner from here and that's his favorite place in the summer as they sit outside and everyone wants to pet him and fuss over him. He goes from person to person, and stays the longest with the people who have the least mobility it seems.

I think they can tell because I've never taught him that, he's just always doneit.

June 30th, 2006, 09:03 AM
wow, thanks for sharing that GREAT story and Harley's success!!! You have every right to be a proud mama! Most rottie's I've met have all been VERY gentle with children, which is always sooooo wonderful to witness. Such a powerful breed, yet incredibly gentle.

Tucker is in-tune also, he adjusts his behavior, but I can't say it's "accordingly". it's more like "umm, this one's a bit off... see ya". We do interact with a few special needs folks here & there, and always make a point to socialize Tucker with them. It's getting better, but it will definately take alot more work.

June 30th, 2006, 12:24 PM
Good boy Harley!Aren't dogs amazing?

June 30th, 2006, 06:45 PM
Sungurl, I have never worried about Harley and wee ones that you call them. He was raised correctly with my daughter, who they are almost the same age. Anything inappropriate he is corrected for...( never had to be corrected, never done anything wrong with her...EVER)...I trust him with my daughter more than I trust my friends ****zhu.
Anyways he was really rewarded for his good behaviour, and Tech I hope that we meet soon, It would be nice to meet someone who is not scared of him.
As for pictures, I do not have a digi cam :(