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My aunt/uncle cat went missing in Toronto

June 29th, 2006, 04:36 PM
Frankie went missing from the backyard on Sun, June 25/06 and has been gone for 5 days now. They let him go out without a leash on which he should of been on one. Frankie is a type of cat that likes to wander around and cannot be trusting outside unattending. Has to be supervise at all times. Was a stray cat before they got him and is use to going outside. It is probably not his first time running away from home. Does have a heart murmur and isn't a very strong cat. I just hope he didn't get hit by a car, they live on a busy street with soo many cars going by. I hope he he's in a safe place and not in a crazy household. Lost him at Yong and Lawrence west. Frankie went missing in backyard at 149 Lawrence. Do you guys think he would find his way back home? Did this ever happen to you guys where your kitty went missing? I just hope they get him back home.