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How early is too early?

June 27th, 2006, 08:20 PM
I have a 4 week old kitten (male). I am new cats (I have 5 dogs at home), but have had a blast with MK so far. I have heard different ages that are suitable for neutering kittens. My vet wants to wait until he is 6 months old, but I'm afraid that might be too old (he could spray). Also, is it true that the longer you wait to neuter a male cat/kitten the more likely he will lose his perky/social personality?

CaityCat :confused:

June 27th, 2006, 09:36 PM
I think 6 months is a pretty typical age that most vets will recommend, but I'm pretty sure most members here would say that you could get it done much earler than that. Alot of places don't adopt out kittens unless they are neutered or spayed, many much younger than 6 months old. I don't think that neutering your male cat will affect his personality, my boy didn't change at all after he was neutered, he's still the sucky, crazy cat he was when he still had his "boys":D Definitley get him neutered before he starts to mature and starts spraying.

June 27th, 2006, 11:06 PM
My kitty boys got neutered at seven weeks. Personally, I would do it as soon as they hit two pounds (apiece.) It's SO easy for a young kitten to recover from neutering. My two were running around like nothing had happened the next day! Also, once the testosterone starts kicking in, male cats get wider face with "pouches" (meant to help protect them against other cats in fights.) Personally, I think they're very unattractive.

June 27th, 2006, 11:47 PM
My guys were s/n at 8 weeks.They were both adopted from out SPCA.And as Stacer has mentioned,they get s/n before they go to their new homes.

I have also had my previous cats done at 6 months.And they acted no different then the ones who were done at 8 weeks.

Mind you,there are still the old fashioned vets who will not do it till they are 6 months.

Also, is it true that the longer you wait to neuter a male cat/kitten the more likely he will lose his perky/social personality?

I would have to say no.I have had family members who have rescued cats who were between 1-3 years,and they saw no difference.:)

June 28th, 2006, 12:12 AM
My two boys are scheduled for the end of August/early September. I asked for end of August more because I'd have an easier time getting them to/from the vet than in September when school starts. The vets didn't seem to mind but I could tell they didn't really like the idea a whole lot. I figure a week or so isn't gonna make much difference one way or the other!

I'm estimating their actual birthdates just for simplicities sake at April 5th and 15th, which would make them 5 months on September 5th/15th. They won't do them earlier (8 week or so earlier) because they figure that the older the kitten is the better able they are to handle the anathesia.

From what the other vets I've talked to there isn't much difference in opinions on this and so no matter where I went it would cost me very similar ($200/each including taxes) and won't be done until end of August anyways. I still think that price is too much, but because of our current lack of transportation we haven't got much choice either; no matter where we went it would still come out to about $200/cat between the neuter itself and any transportation costs.

Some of the people on this board have gone for the earlier neutering and that's fine too. I guess a bit of it is up to personal preference. I wouldn't do it at 8 weeks old but I don't like the idea of waiting until 6 months either (spraying issues). If I had my way I'd probably have them done at about 4 months or so since they're gonna be young enough to bounce back easily but old enough that they could (as far as the vets are concerned) handle the anathesia better.

The vets had asked if we knew of any in heat females and I personally don't know of any, but that doesn't mean that the boys can't smell/hear her while I can't. The other issue is that when we moved in we asked if we were allowed pets and the landlord/superintendant said yes, but just recently there have been signs going up saying "no pets" and I'd much rather not end up leaving the apartment with a particularly strong smelling spray smell.

Not sure how this is gonna help you at all....but whatever....chalk it up to a random anecdote from a random person! lol


June 28th, 2006, 09:08 AM
My vet waited until Maxwell was just under 6 months old. I got him from the Ottawa Humane Society.

He never sprayed or anything like that. I was really worried about that also, but the vet really thought it was best to wait and that he probably would not spray.

June 29th, 2006, 12:25 AM
My young fella Rocky was Neutered at 8 weeks.
I think its perfectly fine to neuter them asap.