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Training WAY off!!! (mine not the dogs)

June 25th, 2006, 12:15 PM
I had my dog safety training the other day!!!! Work requires it. I have never been so misinformed before in my life! No wonder most meter readers in this area just spray the dogs!!!!!:mad:
I couldnt believe my ears!!! The video we watched as a training aid, showed NOTHING but Dobies and Sheps! I was however impressed with accurate breed descriptions and behavior traits that we learnt about.
None the less. Im glad I have experience with dogs.
I also was IMMEDIATELY issued pepper spray for " my safety"
Its a good thing that we are NOT required to get out of our truck if there is a dog who is aggressive there. ( sadly because ALOT of people are sooo grossely misinformed about the dogs, most of the readers still do and end up spraying them.)
One of the guys in my " class" had to be seriously set straight about Pitbulls ( thanks to me..... and of cource all of you) Being armed with SOO much things i have learnt here ( I gave alot of good information about pitbulls. Examples include: Locking Jaw myth, all bullies being people aggressive and so on.
I felt like a know it all, and the guy was not impressed with me setting him straight. Thats for sure. But at least he heard the truth.
Thanks to all of you, for all your knowlege, the members here are most definately the BEST teachers , shared opionions and knowlege helped me so much the other day! Even the instructor was impressed with what i was saying. ( and agreed with me)

One more thing, the instructor was a Pitbull owner!!!! He was just as quick to stub out any myths that were going around, together we educated the others about Pits and other bullies. One of the other girls are terrified of dogs ( makes you wonder why she was interested in the job in the first place) sadly she will be a sprayer:(

June 25th, 2006, 03:59 PM
Erykah,seems to me they should have ask you to give the training.Hydro here knows I have dogs,it's in my customer profile.They see the gate and don't even bother to take the reading themself.They always leave me the card to complete and send it back!Even if they know the dogs are good luck on your new job,are you starting tomorrow?