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Lost CAT "Dada"

January 12th, 2004, 06:57 PM
DADA is a beautiful brown and black male tabby who is extremely affectionate, likes to lick everything all of the time and whose white-tipped tail may be partially or completely limp due to an injury that was being treated before he disappeared from the Gerrard and Greenwood area of Toronto around the holiday season.
The twist is that we fear he was taken deliberetaly by someone known to us and dropped-off near the Orangville area. In fact, the Orangeville SPCA received an anonymous call from a man at a Toronto phone booth number just last week. They said that this type of thing happens more than we could ever imagine. What a horrible comment on the human species.
We have posted signs in both Toronto and Orangevelle, reported our suspisions to the police and have placed an ad in a local Orangeville paper. PLEASE HELP. We miss DADA dearly and pray that he has at least found a kind soul to take him in out of the cold. Please call (416) 696-2252 if you have any information. Thank you.