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Hello-I found this site by accident, I sure am glad, and Roscoe is glad also.

June 22nd, 2006, 12:21 AM
My cat Roscoe was diagnosis with IBS two and a half years ago. We have both suffered, the vet that first diagnosis him left the vet he was working with, Roscoe got better while he was under Dr. Russell's care. I was not told where he went. The other vets that has seen him, has not very much success, they keep adjusting his dose on his medication of prednisolone, with not much success, Roscoe still stays bloated all the time. As I was reading some of the other messages, I keep seeing alot them are feeding their pets the same cat food of science hills. Our vet also put Roscoe on the same food, I am also having the same conclusion, Roscoe does not seem to be getting the right kind of nutrion. He always seems to be hungry and the more he eats the more he bloats up. And his fur is a mess, by no means is it shinning or soft anymore, he sheds alot and has alot of white flakes. He is 18 years olds, I know he wont be as soft as it use to be, but I also dont think it should be this bad. I would like to know where I could find the soft elm bark people have been talking about.And how much to give him. Also if anybody can recommend a vet that has had experience in treating older cats with IBS in the Jacksonville, Fl. area. I would very much apperate any help, Roscoe will be forever gateful, and hopefully feel a whole lot better. Thank you

June 22nd, 2006, 10:02 AM
Is he on a special diet? Hill's right? It's not the best food, but if he has to be on it, so be it.

Maybe you could ask the vet if salmon oil would be ok to add to his food. Salmon oil helps the coat immensely.