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Update on Harley's little brother - BUSTER! - long post

June 21st, 2006, 12:19 PM
Just a quick update on our new tzu puppy......

Buster has been in our house since last Friday and is doing great! He is such a little clown and of course, loves to be the center of attention.

One of my main concerns over the past few days was whether Harley (age 3 1/2) would be OK with a 9 week old puppy. It turns out that the first night wasn't all that great because Harley had his nose out of joint - someone else had invaded his territory and was actually sleeping on the big bed with us. Harley slept on the floor :sad: Well, that changed by the second night and now both dogs sleep with us all night. Buster goes to bed around 10:30 with me and is good until 7:00 am - no messes on the bed (yet). However, he did fall off last night, but didn't make a peep, so when I woke up around 4:00 am, I couldn't find him......he was laying on the floor, sound asleep.

The boys play ok together, Harley is a little rough sometimes with Buster but not too bad. This morning there was a snarling session as Harley likes to take it easy first thing in the morning and of course, Buster is full of energy. I had to step in as Buster had Harley's ear (hair only) and wouldn't let go. No blood, only hurt feelings for Harley. I think the main problem is me being over-protective of both dogs and wanting to "mother" them. I know I need to let them sort it out, but at what point should I step in.....or should I step in at all?

Other than that, all is great. Buster is still eating the IAMS puppy food (for now) and doing fine! Good poops :thumbs up , no vomitting and full of energy. At some point, I will make the decision to change his food, but not right away.

We are having some issues with pee pad training though. I am off work this week, so Buster has had the run of the house (I know he shouldn't) and I have placed a pee pad near the patio door. He hasn't figure it out yet and I keep trying. If I catch him in the act, I put him on the pad, and of course, he doesn't do anything. Any constructive suggestions on this problem would be really appreciated. Next week, Buster will be in a penned-off area, however my daughter will be home so when she gets up in the morning (or around noon-ish :rolleyes: ) she will let Buster out of the pen for some play time. He will only be in the pen when he is alone in the house, unsupervised. Other than that, I prefer not to restrict him. (Yes, I know for potty training it might be easier, but I have dogs to interact with so they are loose when I am at home)

This picture was taken yesterday! Buster has learned fast that I do have computer time and he has adapted to that very well :crazy: Both dogs sleep by my chair! I just have to be careful not to move or they will both lose some tail fur!!!!!!! :)

Louise, Harley and Buster

June 21st, 2006, 02:33 PM
Glad to hear everything is going so well - so far;) he is stunning, too cute, sorry I have no advice or suggestions about training a puppy as I haven't had one in 12.5 yrs:p so when my time comes around again I come looking for tons of tips:fingerscr keep up the good work:highfive: