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What happened while I was away

June 20th, 2006, 03:30 PM
Hi All
I got back yesterday from being away for 4 days (first time I ever spent even a night away from Dale) , while I was gone Dale ripped his dew claw and had to go to the vet. I found out when I got back that he refused to eat while I was gone ( he ate a few treats but no actual food) but within an hour of my return he ate pretty much all the food in his dish, I am wondering whether him not eating was a result of what he went through with his claw or me being away. Dale is very attached to me and I would hate to think of him not eating because I left him. My husband who stayed home with him said he was depressed the whole time I was gone but as soon I as got back he was his old happy self.
What do you guys think?? any suggestions on how we could have made me leaving easier on him

jesse's mommy
June 20th, 2006, 03:32 PM
I think Dale missed his mommy. :angel:

June 20th, 2006, 04:04 PM
I agree.:love:

June 20th, 2006, 04:11 PM
Awww poor little guy -:sad: he did miss you - I am going away for a few days too and leaving Joey with hubby and the kids - will be interesting first time I have left him for more than a few hours since we got him. :D

June 20th, 2006, 04:22 PM
Well now lets talk about it, I have left my big girl on occassion with the hubby for acouple of days and she will not eat anything until I come home and then she has the poops for three days after(not pretty as she's a big girl with big smelly poops:yuck: ) she is just sick without me, I could never board her at a kennel, as I'm not sure she would make it, when we do go away as a family I have to be careful as to whom comes and stays here as I wouldn't want to stress her out to much:o

June 20th, 2006, 06:18 PM
Dale definitely missed his mama! I am trying to get Audrie to be used to staying with other people and me leaving every now and then so she doesn't react negatively when I have to leave. My neighbors just love watching her occasionally, and I like the break too! Everyone wins! ;)

June 20th, 2006, 06:27 PM
My 2 do the same thing, though they love being with my parents, they go ballistically happy when they see me after I've been away. Then we get home and they get depressed cuz they don't see my parents. Vicious cycle :p

June 21st, 2006, 08:09 AM
Well no matter how much Dale missed me I missed him more. Oh and when I heard he had hurt himself I was just beside myself, so worried and I am going to have a nice big cell phone bill from calling the vet three times from another country. When I got home Dale was just so thrilled, his little tail was wagging so hard I htought it was going to snap off. He gave me a million kisses and wouldn't leave my side all night. His appetite is completely back to normal now and any sign of depression is completely gone. I was quite surprised at how much I thought of him and how much I missed him, you really get use to having them by your side and when they are not there it feel slike something is missing. I am definitely looking forward to this weekend, it's going to be a momma and Dale weekend and it will be filled with non stop spoiling of my boy:)

doggy lover
June 22nd, 2006, 05:55 PM
My family was away this weekend at all different places, so Tucker got stuck with me. Oh talk about doggy sulkies:( such a suck, didn't care about me being around just missed everyone else. Was real happy when they all came home on Sun and Mon, once again I'm chopped liver:D